Jeffrey Epstein Pilots are quoted in the Sex Trafficking Check

Jeffrey Epstein Pilots are quoted in the Sex Trafficking Check

According to the people familiar with the matter, federal prosecutors in Manhattan have cited the long-standing personal pilots of Jeffrey Epstein, while investigators try to question Financier's staff after questioning charges of their sexually smuggling.

Some people said that after the arrest of Epstein, the Grand Jury Subponais were transported to the pilots early this month. Mr. Epstein was arrested on a private plane after returning from Paris at the Tatterborough airport in New Jersey.

The lawyer of one of the pilots confirmed the citation but refused to provide more details.

It was not possible to determine which citations were sought for quotes, how many pilots were referred or if the pilots agreed to cooperate with the prosecutors.

Federal Investigators can use the testimony of pilots to confirm accounts of Mr. Epstein's accused. They m Can also provide information about Epstein's visit and his colleagues. According to the documents presented by the court, some pilots were responsible for maintaining the flight records of passengers flying in the private plane of Mr. Epstein.

Epstein, who was deprived of bail and will be in federal custody waiting for the trial, has claimed that the prosecution had planned to recruit dozens of girls and sexual harassment from 2002 to 2005.

M Epstein's lawyers did not respond to comment requests. A spokesman for the Manhattan Attorney's office in the United States refused to comment.

In a recent judicial presentation, the Prosecutors said that there are at least two private jets in active service by the authorities controlled by Mr. Epstein and capable of traveling at least one of them internationally. According to the charges against him, he often used to travel by private jet between his homes in New York and Palm Beach, Florida. Mr. Epstein's lawyers said they own a private jet and sold it to another one last month.

In civil tests, women accused Mr. Epstein of using pilots and other colleagues at least from 1998 to 2002 to facilitate sexual abuse and prevent the law from being detected. A woman said in court documents that when she was a minor in 2000, Mr. Epstein regularly transported her in private jet for her sexual abuse by her colleagues and friends.

An advocate from Mr. Epstein recently said in court that Mr. Epstein was not involved in sex trafficking, arguing that there was no violence or coercion in his conversation with the alleged victims. Mr. Epstein and his colleagues have solved many civil lawsuits. The women have not sued the pilots.

M The flight of Epstein was investigated in 2005, according to the police report. During investigations conducted by Palm Beach Police and Federal Prosecutors in Miami on similar complaints against Epstein.

The investigation ended in 2007 with a non-procedural agreement that saved Mr. Epstein and his alleged co-conspirators from federal charges in Florida investigations. In return, he was convicted of two state charges related to prostitution, registered as a sex offender and had spent 13 months in jail. At the end of last year, a series of Miami Herald articles attracted fresh attention on the agreement.

Shortly after the deal was finalized, the women who said that Mr. Epstein had sexual harassment, lawsuits began to be registered against him, a legal process that took his lawyer to Mr. Epstein's colleagues allowed to abdicate and receive dozens of pages of your personal records. Flights

According to court documents, Mr. Epstein appointed David Rodgers, Larry Wissowski, Larry Morrison and Bill Hammond as pilots and flight engineers. Mr. Rogers, Mr. Vysosky and Mr. Morrison have previously testified in the Civil Statements. Four people did not respond to comment requests.

Flight records signed by Mr. Rodgers, which were made public through the Civil Trial, from 1997 to 2005, Mr. Epstein's plane showed dozens of passengers. Some women have said in their civil trial that their names appear in the flight record, which they said would be right. When he was a minor, then Mr. They were accused by Epstein's colleagues.

Women lawyers also stated in the court of 2015 that flight records given by Mr. Roders were incomplete. The lawyers wrote, "It would not be surprising to know that some of these flying ministers ... were probably designed to hide evidence of criminal activity, or maybe later removed from the evidence."

Investigators may be interested in asking Mr. Epstein's pilots if they see any attempt by Mr. Epstein to interfere with law enforcement, according to legal experts. Recently in court appearances, the prosecutors have accused Mr. Epstein of tampering witnesses, a charge which Mr. Epstein's lawyers denied in court.

Miami and Mie in 2007. Epstein's lawyers include federal prosecutors for interruption of talks, even for an incident blaming for Mr. Epstein's e-probability Electronic which was made public in civil lawsuits.

On September 19, 2007, by email, Mr. A lawyer from Epstein made a statement to the government, stating that Mr. Epstein changed his flight plan to land in the US Virgin Islands. Instead of knowing New Jersey, one of his colleagues was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. M Epstein has never been accused of obstructing justice.