Jeremy Lin is an NBA Champion, but he is embarrassed that he did not really earn it.


Jeremy Lin's summer debut came in the form of a member of the Toronto Raptors with the NBA Championship, but things have diminished from there. Now a desperate, seasoned shipowner talked emotionally during the weekend of "down" for a free agent and possibly another chance to play in the league.

Being seen on Goodie TV, a Taiwanese station specializing in Christian programming, Lynn addressed the importance of never giving up to the audience. To make his point, he took a path through the NBA which did not develop as expected and he gave up hope of catching himself and proving himself again.

"Man, it's hard, life is tough," the 30-year-old guard said, wiping tears with his eyes, "because I always want to do things right and I have given God more." Every year, and Every year it becomes difficult, it becomes difficult. "

"In English, there is a saying, and it says that once you hit the bottom, then the only way is up," Lin continues. "But rock bottom is making more rock bottom for me.

"Therefore, the free agency has become difficult. Because I think, in some way, the NBA has left me. "

Born in Taiwanese immigrants to California, Lin became the first Asian-American to win the NBA title. However, after resigning in Atlanta Falcons in February and signing with Raptor, they took only 3.4 minutes of average for the playoffs for Toronto and played just one minute during the last six games of the Golden State Warriors.

When the NBA free agency started, after the surprise victory of Raptors, a series of signatures and big successful businesses started. About a month after the market opened, Lynn told himself to his audience: "I always knew that if I gave a reason for doubt, they would do it."

As an abnormal legacy player for the NBA who was not admitted to Harvard, there was a lot of doubt for him to overcome Lynn. In 2012, during his second season, he exploded national consciousness, when he was with New York Nike, converted a series of stellar sports into "lancenity".

However, that horrible period proved to be very rare and Lynn said in Taiwan that "many difficult things happened" when he moved to Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, things were getting better in 2016, when Lynn joined Brooklyn Nets, who gave him the opportunity to be a "player who I thought could be." However, he was suffering from injuries and nothing was changed. Last year for Hawks.

This was a problem for Lin, who was a veteran in a young and rebuilding team.

I was excited for an opportunity in Toronto which I was waiting since lunisinie. But due to the drop in shots at the end of the season, there were limited minutes in the playoffs.

"But we won a championship," Lin continued, "And I thought to myself: 'You know what's all right, I'll take this shock and climb again." He thought that "next would be very different" in the next season, but "then a free agency appeared, and it was a straw that broke the glass."

"After the season I had to be ready for this Asia tour, and this was the last thing I wanted to do," said Lin. "Because I knew I'd smile for six weeks.

"I have to talk about a championship which I do not really feel winning. I have to talk about the future which I do not know what I have to do. And honestly, it's shameful and difficult."

If the NBA does not have a place for Lin, then basketball fans can see him spending the next season in Russia. In a recent report of Sportando, a source says that Lynn CSKA is "the main objective" of Moscow, which is its new ground.