Kentucky Fire, 45,000 barrels of waste of 'young whiskey' by Jim Beam

Kentucky Fire, 45,000 barrels of waste of 'young whiskey' by Jim Beam

A fire in a Jim Beam Burhan facility in Kentucky destroyed about 45,000 barrels, possibly loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

A spokesman for the parent company Beam Santory said in an email that souls were in the grip of flames. "Looking at the age of the lost whiskey, this fire will not affect the availability of the gym beam to consumers."

The company did not say financial losses. Wine producer operates 126 warehouses in Kentucky, which has approximately 3.3 million barrels, which means that about 1.4% of the state represents product damage.

According to Dr. Chandler, Director of Emergency Management for Woodford County, two stores burned on Tuesday night. Chandler said that the damage to the second warehouse was contained in an external structure. They said that there are some barrels in between the burnt structure's debris, but no one will be suitable for human consumption.

The reports estimate that the company can manufacture between 150 and 210 standard-sized bottles per barrel. According to Bloomberg's calculation, the estimated retail price is between $ 15 to $ 35 per bottle. With the barrel of the young whiskey, the damage is expected on the underside.

Chandler said that the fire in the first warehouse is still burning, as it could be the reason for the closure of a nearby river which would feed a potable water facility. They speculated that the Fire Department would continue to burn it for six to eight hours.

The reason for the fire is unknown, but "weather can be a factor," Chandler said. It has been said in the Associated Press report that it could be due to falling power.

No one was injured in the incident, the company said, considering that it "will work with local officials and will confirm the impact."