Kim of North Korea says that missile launch is a warning for South Korea's "warmongers"

Kim of North Korea says that missile launch is a warning for South Korea's "warmongers"

North Korean leader Kim Jong Uni inspected the performance of "new types of strategic guided weapons" as a warning to import weapons to "warming" in South Korea and to conduct joint military exercises on Thursday, he said that the state on Friday Press.

North Korea tested two new short-range ballistic missiles on Thursday, South Korea officials said, Kim and US President Donald Trump agreed to revive the first nuclear test last month after their first missile test.

According to the state news agency KCNA, "we can not stop developing super-powerful weapon systems without stopping to eliminate potential and direct threats for the security of our country in the South".

The United States Department urged Pyongyang to avoid new incidents and expressed hope that labor-level talks about North Korea's atomic energy would resume.

South Korea also urged Pyongyang to stop such activities which are not useful to relieve stress and that the evidence represents a military threat.

In the KCNA report, Trump or the United States was not mentioned but said Kim criticized South Korean officials for conducting joint military exercises, which are usually done with American soldiers.

Kim said that the trial was "a warning to South Korean military warmongers" and accusing South Korean people of "double behavior", they said they support peace but at the same time import new weapons and military Practice.

Kim said that the leader of South Korea should stop such "suicidal acts" and "should not make a mistake by ignoring the warning."

Kim said that he was satisfied with the rapid response to the weapon and the low-altitude trajectory, which he said would make blocking difficult.

The South Korean Ministry of Defense said that missiles were launched from North Korea's eastern coast, near the city of Wonson, about 267 miles (430 km) and 428 miles (688 km) over the sea. Both reached a height of 30 miles (48 km).

Seoul National Security Council said on Thursday that it is believed that the missiles were a new type of ballistic missile, but would assume a final evaluation with the United States.

Ballistic Missile Testing will be a violation of UN Security Council resolutions which prohibits the use of such technology by North Korea. North Korea rejected the ban as a violation of its right of self-defense.

Political message
Asked what the Trump Administration is carrying messages from the US Secretary of State's launch of short-range missiles from North Korea. In America, Mike Pompeo told Fox News that before the talks between the United States and North Korea, Pyongyang "participated in the more dangerous activity for the United States and Japan." And for South Korea "

Pompeo said that when Kim met with Trump in DMZ, he agreed to "avoid the launch of intermediate and long-range ballistic missiles" and "put the interactive team back into the game." He said that it was still possible to have a new conversation.

"You know, many countries take a stand before coming to the table," Pompeo told Fox News.

While the message is very clearly addressed to Seoul, it also sends a signal to Washington, 38 North Executive Editor, Jenny Town, which is a project to book Korea.

"At a certain level, it is like the North Korean version of maximum pressure on South Korea and the United States."