Netflix is ​​working on an animated series 'Cuphead'


Cuphead and Mugman go Netflix. In the upcoming original animated series, The Cuphead Show on Broadcasting Platform, the hero of the difficult cup head will act as diabolically. The distinctive and beautiful art style of the game should be fully lent for an animated show.

In fact, hand-made visual elements, one of the main selling points of the Cuphead, were inspired by the classic Fleischer cartoon of the 1930s, so we are essentially meeting the circle. Netflix says that this series will follow the unique implications of the "Impulsive Cupid" and their cautious but easy Brother Baughman, who is through their home in the Inquel Islands. "

Netflix is ​​basically more selective these days because it basically gives the green light, especially when it comes to big budget projects. But the cup head comes with an underlying audience. More than 4 million copies of the game have been sold till date.

It is not known that The Cuphead Show will premiere at Netflix, but if you use the same hand-drawn approach as a game, then we can wait for a long time. Cuphead had a long production process, partly due to the laborious manual processing of each animation frame. It may also be a reason that developer studio MDHR delayed the first Cuphead DLC by next year.

However, perhaps with a dedicated team of animators on the board, maybe we can see The Cuphead show sooner rather than later. It is expected that the jazz, big band and the rugged scores filled with ragtime have also jumped Netflix.