not a star, not a villain: Mueller's strategy tells that nothing does not confuse anyone

not a star, not a villain: Mueller's strategy tells that nothing does not confuse anyone

Washington - Democrat wanted a star witness. Republicans wanted a villain.

Robert Mueller confused with both of those answers, which included almost "yes" "Do not do that." Can you repeat the question? "I have faith in writing a report." This is an area in which I can not enter. "
During the long-awaited testimony on Wednesday, there was nothing in his quiver about the responses of the members of the Congress.
It was an incredible contrast to President Donald Trump, who would speculate on anything, that Muller, who has studied the intervention of Russian elections, and Trump's attempts to derail his investigation would not be estimated at all. He did not offer a reference for a political trial or subsequent trial, although the Democrats say that Muller has a detailed road map for both in the written document provided to the Congress.
When a Russian statement was concluded with a public statement in May, then the former FBI director and special counsel said that the written document was his testimony.

Now, as a private citizen, he was summoned in front of Congress, in the testimony of his speech, to a large extent he used every possible effort to give it back and avoid falling into a political struggle. Muller did not do much to help the Americans who did not bother to read the document, which presents a conversation between the Trump Campaign and the Russians, and analyzes ten possible cases of obstruction in Trump Justice, And 77 lies and false documents. But he did not recommend any specific conspiracy or allegations of interference.
Where the previous special councils, such as Kenneth Star of Whitewater, had recommended political testing, Mueller was disappointed in such a way that there were protests several times on Wednesday.
According to the guidelines of the Justice, Muller refused to explain that what is in place between "not extroverted" and unprocessed, although he clarified that the option of making allegations on Trump was never open to him. Later he clarified that this question which was asked at this point, and what he accepted, was not the right way to raise it.

On one hand, the Congress witness was fresh to see the reaction in a simple and crazy way, because both the Democrats and the Republicans actually wanted to answer him.
What was written for the Democrats to verify the parts of the bar of justice and the Muller of the draft report?
And for Republicans, it was an opportunity to make holes in the logic of the report and try to knot Muller into a knock, which he did to some extent when he reviewed the drafted version of the report in the three-ring binder that contained Report and try to walk together

During interrogation by Republican Republican representative of Georgia, Doug Collins, Muller said: "No," the collusion of justice and interruption was not the same thing.
Exchange is embarrassing for the audience.
COLLINS: However, your report says that "Collusion is not a special offense," and you said that this morning, or federal criminal law, there is an art word, conspiracy. In colloquial context, collusion and conspiracy are essentially synonyms?
MUELLER: You have to repeat the same for me.
College: Collusion in Federal Criminal Law is not a specific crime or an art term. There is a conspiracy.
COLLINS: In terms of colloquial, public context, collusion - collusion and conspiracy are essentially synonyms, right?

Game: No.
COLLINS: If not, then on page 180 of section 1 of his report, he has written: "As defined in legal dictionaries, collusion is largely synonymous with conspiracy, because this crime is common law of federal conspiracy, 18 USCGS is installed in 1 ".
MUELLER: Yes (ph).
COLLINS: You said in your press conference on 29th May and choose your words carefully here today. Are you sitting today that differs from what your report says?
MUELLER: Well, what I ask is that you can give me an appointment, I can see the appointment and evaluate whether it really is ...
Collins: Okay. Leave me alone, leave me alone, make me clear.
You said that this report will be within. I just resumed your report and you said that collusion - collusion and conspiracy were not synonymous words. That was your answer, it was not.
MUELLER: That's right.
Continued from there.
Rude or impaired hearing, Muller did not cheat feelings or defend himself, even when Republicans attacked his credibility and judgment.

For Democrats, their efforts to get Muller out of his shell were useless
"Director Mueller, The most important question for me today is why director Muller, the US President wants to be fired?"
"I did not answer that question," Muller answered.
The fallpin was the effect of the trimmed and raised questions about Muller to proceed.
Shortly after the House of Representative Intelligence Committee said, when the Democrat of Valmont Democrats asked Muller if he believed that the president was credible.
"I can not answer that question," Uller said.
He continued to ask whether instead of refusing to give a witness and instead of answering the questions of Muller's team, the responses to the President were insufficient, incomplete and not always true.
"I would normally say," said Muller.
This is not a good answer to the White House, but it's not really news. The question is whether there is a big movement for the hearing of political hearings that the Mueller's theater democrats push into action. If so, then no one will be there.
"I think how he questions, these are very limited sentences, yes or no, is it a strategy or is it something that he is not able to do easily?" CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Tobin said:
American prosecutor Preet Bharara was fired at the beginning of his administration by Trump, suggesting that people were entitled to more than Muller.
"I would like to hear a strong reaction on why it was appropriate to continue the investigation because its implication is that many people are speculating, you do research, you can continue the investigation and there is a body called the Congress, in which one Once I leave the post, I am interested in it and there is a case in the future, so it was not wasted. "
Adam Shif, chairman of the House of Representative Intelligence Committee, said that he will take a written report on whether Muller will not say intentionally.
Many former FBI officials have fired or openly attacked by trump, the child has been told very differently about this investigation.

Two years ago, after leaving Muller's post, James Comey, who was appointed the director of the FBI, was a showman who spoke smoothly to the MPs and questioned the ability to become the President of Trump using the forum.
Last year, Peter Strazock, whose text message encouraged the theory of conspiracy with Lisa Page, which was the collusion of an investigation against Trump, announcing in anger.
Muller, who was repeatedly attacked by Trump personally, remained humanly as neutral as possible, which gives them the benefit of seeing them in any way, fair. But robotics too Their testimony is unlikely to change their mind about Trump's efforts to intervene in Russian investigations in large part of Russia because the Mueller can not translate or translate their reports for Capital Circus.