Pippa Middleton narrowly avoids a wardrobe failure

Pippa Middleton narrowly avoids a wardrobe failure

Pippa Middleton, 35, has experienced everyone's worst nightmare while attending Wimbledon on Friday. I had a very public costume problem!

A gust of wind surprised the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister as she walked in the men's semifinal round holding hands with her husband, James Matthews.

The unexpected breeze opened the front of her warm dress to expose a large part of the upper thigh of one's mother, and also almost her underwear.

Pippa managed to avoid a major disaster by quickly pulling the side of her dress which she then held in place with her left hand for the rest of the trip to her seat.

However, it was not fast enough to beat the paparazzi, who took the setback of the magazine columnist.

In any case, the British socialite remained cool, calm and focused throughout the moment of anguish and seemed to enjoy the rest of the game.

Pippa may have wished she had followed the advice of her older sister Kate when she arrived in her warm coat printed by the Danish label Ganni.

Female royals reportedly have an ingenious trick up their sleeves to prevent skirts and dresses from climbing and causing a potentially embarrassing situation.

It is said that they have small lead weights sewn into their hems to ensure that everything stays in its proper place.