Quentin Tarantino sets story in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino sets story in "Once Upon A Time ..." in Hollywood

Cars and songs To be precise: the vision of a moving car at full speed, while a song yells in the soundtrack. In the end, Quentin Tarantino loves more than anything; More than older TV programs, more than grain boxes, more severe than violence that fails it practically, and more, if you can believe it, then compared to the happiness of Longoria. His last work, "Once. . . In Hollywood, "is the declaration of that love." There are many scenes in which people like Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) roam around Los Angeles without any care. Calling those scenes is best For Tarantino, the film is not unpleasant, because he knows about all the people, they are such scenes in our memories of the film, after the years of the incident, a helpless but In joyful loop are to reproduce.

Rick Dalton is an actor, almost It's 1969, and he worries that, sooner or later, someone says he used to be great in pictures. He has not crossed the hill yet, but he has already crossed the peak. After acting in "Bounty Law" on television in the 1950s, he was in the role of heavy and dumb; And his only purpose is to explain Rick as an agent named Marvin Schwarz (Al Pacino), to overtake the protagonist. Getting the best is the worst. Viewers find you worth spending. Still, this is a job, and Rick does not like anything compared to seeing the episode of "The FBI" sitting alongside his friend Cliff and six-pack cold, and the moment waiting for the villain, Rick. , Of course, he comes to distribute a scum with a scum line on his face.

Cliff Rick is double, however, these days, she seems too much: the driver, the driver, and the drinker. She is also somewhat of a cheerful variety of an animator. She does not move a pompom or anything, she is more a man in a hat and jeans, in which there is no fuss or nuisance. But he kills a finger like a gun, indicates Rick and says, "You are Rick's fault dalton. Do not forget." This is Hollywood, after all, where forgiveness can be the cause of death. A humble act for Cliff, he fixes the TV antenna, at the top of Rico's roof, on the cello drive. It's raining over there, so it puts a can of beer in its tool belt and waist. Pitt's followers will lift their eyes and remember their presence as Will in "Friends" in 2001, during which, between a dispute, Phoebe said: "Oh, come, Will, take your shirt and tell us. "

I remember that, after that, a soft and crushed comedian, Pitt, who can be completely comfortable with the luminous effects on other souls, and since then discouraged them to see off in many roles. Has been an opportunity to have fun, which only he has seen. Then praising Tarantino, to give Pitt the time and latitude to display his good humor, and to ensure that there is no turning in the story, even if it is threatening, it will reduce his smile Enough to do The result is one of Pitt's most interesting performances, blessed with a charming charm, right because Clifle never tries to get involved.

One day, for example, he raises a teenage hitchhiker named Pussycat (Margaret Kwality) and takes him to a farm in Chatsworth of the San Fernando Valley. While driving, his head hangs on his lap. It is scary and dusty on the wrench, in which there is a group of girls in the form of Pussycat, as well as an old man (Bruce Durn) who claims to be blind but likes to watch television. We hear the mention of Charlie, whoever he is. Some are accumulating in the air, like thunder Cliff's tire is staggered, and we are afraid of its safety, in the middle of the desert, but she comes home very well. Oh, and by the way: Charlie's last name is Manson.

Every time she goes to see Tarantino, she feels that the story is an inch thick. Thinness is a part of the fun. Boy, do you know every part of that inch? Every poster in the house of the hero, every billboard on the side of the road, every advertisement on the radio. ("Helena has been sent to heaven by Rubinstein") Seldom the parade of such knowledge seems crazier. Look at Rick, singing alone in his pool, floating in an inflatable chair and singing "Snappy with the Red Baron", thus confirming the theory of cinema as pop art: more unimportant details, more winning director Have fun Take it out of oblivion. Why should Cliff be with his dog, Brandy, in a trailer behind the drive-in of Van Nuys? Because the location allows Tarantino to put a title on the bright sign as the theater manager. "Lady in cement," it reads. "Frank Sinatra. Reclaim Welch." The name is actually Rachel spelling, but I think the mistake is deliberate.

What was clear about "Inglourious Balusters" by Tarantino (2009) and "Jongo Unchahi" (2012) is that they are no longer satisfied with the revival of Triveni, for a style of conservation culture residues. there is a story for me. Then, in the first of those stories, Hitler is killed before the end of the war; In the second, an old slave destroys a plantation. (In both cases, the fire is going to purify, and it explodes again in the new film.) While many audiences expressed happiness in the chaos, some of us took a look at its implications. I thought that I was being included in an incredibly talented teenager or revenge imagination of a little boy who would "kill the Nazis!" In essence, Tarantino is the ideal creative bow mask for an era in which the old school is needed, which is being overcome by the help of technology to detect or discuss the previous era, as we have them again. Do it. wish.

Hence the title, "Once in Hollywood ...." It was once directed by Sergio Leone, "Once in the West" (1968) and "Once in America once" (1984), Tarantino reveals But it is revealing shyly ellipsis. Once upon a time "how the story of fairies begins once." The filmmaker could be on a mission to recover everything in 1969, even the voice and Smell too, but Some evils are also invited to smoke. Rick's neighbor, for example, he is Sharon Tate (Margot Robby) and his husband, Roman Polanski (Rafael Zavirurova), and we celebrate them at Playboy Mansion See, as well as Steve McQueen (Damien Lewis and other celebrities, all are absolutely laudable). On August 9, 1969, members of the Manson gang in Cielo Drive, this is also a matter of registration, but Taran For Ino, however, records are made to be broken.

The film is a long journey, which has more than two and a half hours time. There is a tour of Rome. A brilliant, though brilliant, fight between Cliff and the arrogant Bruce Lee (Mike Moh). And yes, Nicholas is a part of Hammond, who was Frederick in "The Sound of Music" (1965) as a curious director of Western. From time to time, you have a feeling like "Pulp Fiction" (1994), which is trying to entertain Tarantino's thirst, he is making a lot of hard work: just to stay calm and to make his players exceed the limit Stunning approach to encouragement Rick Dalton is a very bad actor, and DiCaprio, a very good actor, attempts to final fiber to pretend that inadequacy; The scene in which Rick ruined its lines on the set, the terrible waste was thrown in its trailer, it seems an indulgence, although DiCaprio fans will definitely appreciate their emotional bravery. A lot more winner Rick is in talks with an eight-year-old Methodist with a child star (Julia Butter). Since Henry Spofford III, at the same age, "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" (1953) featured the character of Marilyn Monroe, but Prosency was a gas. Who would have guessed? After soaking the adults in the blood, in the film's film, Tarantino becomes great with the children.

"Once in Hollywood," he uses the services of a narrator. In later stages, in particular, he guides us through crazy events, such as, without the assured guidance of his voiceover, they will be dissolved in different parts of the story. Joan Debian's readers will be familiar with the fear of fragmentation, which in essay on the title "The White Album", reports about that period and the place that Tarantino patrols now. He writes, "There is a crazy and enticing terrible stress in the community. Concerns were being established," he writes. For the day after the massacre, in the silo drive, "I also remember, and I wish I did not do that: I remember that there was no surprise." Didi measured and recorded, more honestly than anybody else, there were failures in the circuit, behavior and neurological of the entire social structure. Tarantino may be looking for the same worries, but only in glow and glow they are shown through the glow of his film, and only two things scared me. There was a sudden and crazy outbreak of cruelty that men used to incite women. And the other was the reaction of the people around me who were against that monstrous in the auditorium. They laughed and cheered Nobody was surprised. Nerves have become a joke.