Review: "The Boys" devolves superheroes with a light touch


The team behind "Preacher" brings a new comic optimization in Amazon Prime Video. It's something like "watchman" with jokes.

The team of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (producer) and Garth Anis (comic book writer) has given us AMC's "Preacher" series, which is a series based on the simplest, bold and purely entertaining comics of recent years. With "Preacher" on its way, its last season starts on August 4, all three are returning to the game, with an innovation based on Anne's Comic, "The Boys", which will be on Amazon Prime Video on Friday.

"The Boys" has not been presented at the stage of "Preacher" fever in terms of chaos or dark comedies: their listener is the creator of Eric Kripke's network "Supernatural" and "Timeless", and eight - " Boys "episodes are like a high end, more carefully collected, slightly more bloody and sexy versions of those traditional shows. ("Prefecture" is under the supervision of Sam Catlin, whose writing and production includes "breaking bad" in past experience).

"The Boys" is slightly more than a known amount because it is a superhero show. What is an anti-superhero show, in which those who commit crimes in disguise are bad, arrogant and corporate, and do not keep in mind the collateral damage to innocent humans, and the boys in the title have the reputation of a heterogeneous and evil group? They do not change the basic equation? The visual conclusion is that people with trunks can fly laser beams with their eyes and shoot, wrinkle is that we are supporting the person who struggles with his intellect and a lever.

She said, this series is quite enjoyable, especially in a quick and intelligent first episode (directed by Crape and directed by Dan Trachtenberg) who introduces us to the world of the show, is over-exaggerated about us, and the show's real Hero Hugi (Jack Quad), a reason for obviously the seller of electronic products without electricity, a reason to hate super. In a prudently horrible view, we are witnessing the sudden destruction of Hughie's fiancée by an out-of-control flash-type character, A-Train (Jesse T. Usher), who is a member of seven, who is a U. s. Is the main superhero team.

Qualified and managed, Watt is an evil corporation that takes possession of a future tower not far from the Empire State Building, seven of a patriot blonde Übermensch, homeland (played by a fearsome powerful silent by Antony Star of "Banshi") Are in the lead. He is Superman, and the program happily frames the consumption as an example of American privilege, patriarchy and fictitious culture of celebrities. Homeland's healthy mask hides a liar and hunter in the series, while Aquatic Hero Deep (Chase Crawford) is a nightmare of #MeToo. Watt involves his excesses while selling his services to the troubled cities and puts pressure on him to take responsibility for national defense.

Hughie, a former fanboy is now angry and is suffering from post-superhero stress, a bruiser named Billy Butcher (a funny Karl Urban) is recruited in a secret attempt to take seven down, which he Due to self, or dead. More collaborators gradually get involved in their revenge, and in the later episodes, the show loses some of its sparks, partly due to difficulties of management artists who should be busy coming forward: Seven (Arin as new member As with Moriarty, one innocent Des Moines), plus five children, plus Elisabeth Shuwa as a Victim Executive, Simon Pegg is the father of Hughie and Jennifer Esposito is a CIA As an EA agent who has a past with Butcher. There are several bodies for the group in eight episodes.

Quad, who is a son of "The Hunger Games" (and Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid), offers a fascinating and widespread performance like an archery, heavy and hard huge like Marvel, and when it is on-screen Makes you happy and, in general, the architecture of the story of Ennis is a lightweight and less apocalyptic version of the rebuilding of superheroes, which Alan Moore did in "Miracleman" and "Watchman" is quite interesting and enough style to drag Is putting responsibility for execution. Choosing Hughie's true bravery on a human scale is not a new idea, but still has an emotional pull.

And the notion that the world needs to protect itself from its superhero, there is another disguised echo: WAT, with its 200 disguised heroes being stationary, its theme park and film franchisee (and a management which is empty for "Butcher for Cornell rating Suit "), it looks like nothing more than Marvel and DC Leviathan Comics. ("Boys" comic was published for the first time