Rocketman North Korea launches two 'short-range missiles' in a challenging demonstration of Donald Trump

Rocketman North Korea launches two 'short-range missiles' in a challenging demonstration of Donald Trump

Tonight, Kim Jong-unveiled two short-range military missiles in the defensive show for Donald Trump.

Military leaders from neighboring South Korea say that there was a surprising launch in the Wanson area east of the dishonest state.

According to the report of the crisis in this area, before the fall in Japan's ocean, both projectiles had traveled around 270 miles.

This is the first trial, which was found between President Trump and North Korean leader in the demolished area (DMZ) between the two Koreas at the end of June.

White House, Pentagon, and US State Department. They did not respond immediately to comments requests.

However, the joint heads said that South Korean and US forces would have analyzed the details of the launch.

An American defense official said that the secret launch was similar to the recent launch of May 2019, where two short-range missiles were launched.

Harry Cajnis of the Washington Center for National Interest said, "North Korea is clearly upset that the United States and South Korea are doing joint military exercises."

"We should not be surprised by this movement and in fact, we should have seen it coming."

Pyongyang resumed missile tests for a period of more than a year because talks with Donald Trump on disarmament and sectarianism ceased.

North Korea's most recent trial took place in May when a pair of missiles was formed 9 minutes before and 9 minutes before the test in the United States Atomic Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM).

In a joke, dictator Kim saw a firing at North Korea's Defense Science Academy.

State media said that while issuing Chilling Warning, Kim said that the test "acts as a major event to increase the war power of the Popular Army."

North Korea warned the United States that if he fails to meet his demands in nuclear talks by the end of the year, he can face "unwanted consequences".

Kim's regime demands that the Trump administration show more flexibility, otherwise it will again fulfill its promise to scrap its deadly nuclear arsenal.

Pyongyang says it will only abandon its weapons program if the US UU Agree to discontinue economic sanctions in the country.

In the threat of cold, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea, Choi Son Hui said: "There is no privilege to change the path which is only with the United States, but if we decide, it can be our own choice. "

They said: "If America fails to restore its position within the timeline given by us, then it will actually see undesirable results."

On April 21, 2018, Kim Jong-un told that the nation alone suspended long-range nuclear missile tests and closed their test sites.

At the Singapore Summit on June 11, 2018, Trump and Kim agreed to start naming "very soon".

The President of the United States said that the meeting "was expected to be better than anyone."

"We are going to sign this historic agreement," Kim said. "The world will see a great change."

In the agreement, Kim promised to "complete the communalization of the Korean peninsula."

However, despite this promise, the dishonest state has not stopped its nuclear activities, the United Nations Atomic Control Agency said.

And the United States military headquarters Pentagon believes that there are around 200 missile launchers across the country, which can be used to burn small and medium-range rockets.

The most likely target of this kind of missile launch would be South Korea, Japan, Australia and possibly the United States territory in the Pacific Ocean.

Modified estimates show that the total number of missiles in the wicked state is between 13 and 21. And it is estimated that the regime has at least four nuclear weapons.