Semi-transverse truck spreads oil on I-5; Driver arrested for DUI

Semi-transverse truck spreads oil on I-5; Driver arrested for DUI

A semi-truck used in motor oil closed the I-5 on the Lewis-Thurston county line on Wednesday and spread the oil on the highway.

From this event, traffic plans will likely stop for drivers who are moving north on the I-5, especially during the holidays with planned events on Wednesday and Thursday night areas.

Washington State Petrol Separator Will Fin said, "A lot of people take a day before the holidays, especially on weekends and on July 4th." "It is unfortunate that people are trapped due to this bad decision of driving with problems on the road, causing large scale traffic problems for this region."

The Washington State Patrol received a call about dump tanker before about four in the morning. All North Eastern I-5 lanes of Centralberia have been closed. There is a traffic affair to get out at 82. There is no estimated time to reopen the highway. Private fin says that due to an oil spill on the highway it will be "a whole day's event".

The tanker had about 4,000 gallons of used motor oil. Oil leakage between 4: 30-7: 40 It is estimated that approximately 1,800 gallons are scattered on the road. Because the drivers used to go through the oil first, spreading it under the road, now it is about three miles to clear the road.

"This is a double tanker, so the holding tank on the back end, the other is behind, has tipped it and this is what is leaking," Finn said. "... we have not lost all the products there, but a significant amount is enough to activate a phone call for the ecology department, and a dangerous content team has also come to help in the efforts to clean up."

No other vehicle was involved in the accident. Private Finn says that there are indications that the driver was operating the truck in an unsafe way while traveling on the highway.

"Fortunately, the tanker driver was unhealthy," said Finn. "Unfortunately for him, the investigation with the soldier has gone on a different path, and it is suspected that he went to a disabled state and was arrested for DUI ... he was taken into custody and deteriorated Started an investigation. "

Tropper Finn recommends that people are planning to travel north on I-5, especially for a holiday on July 4, those plans should be delayed unless the route is reopened. The work of clearing the highway can run till noon and possibly till Wednesday night. On Wednesday morning, seven miles back was built behind the site when the crew took part in the scene.

"It's not something we can clean in a few hours," said Finn. "They will be on most days of the day ... we do not have ETA when the lanes are reopened."

"We are still collecting resources, trying to stop that leak," he said. Once the tanker leaves, we can start the process of cleaning the road and can ensure that it is safe for motorists to travel from this area. With such a product, the conditions will be extremely efficient. "

Some of July's festivals are in the north of the crash site in the next two nights, which attracts the entire area. There is a fireworks program at 10 pm in Centralia. Thursday.

Fireworks are also displayed in firecrackers on Thursday night. South Sound Speedway, north of the crash site, is an incident with a fireworks display on Wednesday night. There is also a fireworks program on July 3 in Lacey City on Wednesday night.