Star Trek actress Stephanie Niznik died at age 52

Star Trek actress Stephanie Niznik died at age 52

Stephanie Niznik, an actress who appeared in Everwood and Star Trek: Insurrection, died unexpectedly in Encino, California, on June 23. She was 52 years old.

Born in Bangor, Maine, she originally intended to become a geneticist before graduating from Duke U. with a major in theater and Russian. She sought a master's degree in Cal Arts, then began acting with roles in series that included "Vanishing Son" and "Murder She Wrote."

She had additional parts in programs that include "Nash Bridges" and "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," before getting a recurring role in "Diagnosis Murder." In the medical series "Everwood", he played the neighbor Nina Feeney. She also had a recurring role in "Life is Wild" and was invited to "Lost", "NCIS" and "CSI: Miami".

After playing Trill Starfleet, Ensign Kell Perim in the feature "Star Trek: Insurrection", Niznik returned to the world of "Star Trek" to play the Wraith in the episode "Rogue Planet" of the series "Star Trek: Enterprise "

Niznik actively participated as a volunteer in rescue organizations for children, children, and animals, and also worked with Four Winds Heart-Center Healing.

He is survived by his mother and stepfather; brother and sister-law; his niece and nephews; aunt and uncle; and his beloved Nucleus and Jake dogs.