The governor of Puerto Rico misinterpreted the anger that worked against him

The governor of Puerto Rico misinterpreted the anger that worked against him

Ricardo Rosello had a close circle of associates who shared advice and friendship. But critics said that Governor of Puerto Rico was very different from others.

The people of Puerto Rico first met him as Ricky, the beautiful boy who went to the governor's house, when he was only 13 years old. His father was Governor, and Ricardo A. Rosela grew up as a privileged son in the historic La Fortaleza, a huge mansion in the 16th century, with thick curtains and thick wooden doors, a few steps away from the Caribbean Sea.

Now, the Governor himself, Mr. Rosello, lives with his own family, in his youth's same colonial fort. But the property has become a cage, with riot gear protected by police officers and surrounded by protesters who want to leave it.

Mr. Rosello announced on Wednesday that he is going to resign from his post, an unprecedented step in the history of Puerto Rico, which leads to a promising political career, for now, is a shameful end.

His administration took only two weeks to reach the point of decline, undermined by a popular uprising that the governor had initially thought that he should not oppose them. However, Mr. Rosello misunderstood the anger which has been rampant for years after economic crises and broken promises.

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After spending his political life after allegations of being a golden boy, whose success he got through a network of political influence inherited from his father, Mr. Rosela ended his prey on the crisis of his composition. Rejecting the elders of the party, they surrounded themselves with a very united group of young and influential friends, and the arrogant and frantic jokes they shared at the expense of those people outside their circle became their fall Gaya.

Following the publication of hundreds of pages of private group chats leaked into the telegram messaging app, the governor's problems were a shameful development, which, in various circumstances, could survive in modern politics.

But in the clique negotiation, the style of Rosela's government was reflected, which relies on an island group of colleagues who reject the advice of outsiders, many of whom said that they used to see from a distance because the administration was in greater trouble Gaya. I have criticized for having $ 245,000 Chevrolet suburban and to keep the cruel days after Hurricane Maria in the air-conditioned emergency operation center in 2017.

"Ricky loved prominently," Joseph E. Companies were remembered as a former trading partner and master of Mr. Rosello. "And he especially loved that people mix themselves with him. She liked to be surrounded by men.

With his government in jeopardy, the governor found himself fast-paced, lost public support, leaders of his political party, and many of his own advisers, who handed over his resignation and left 40 years to Mr. Rosela. Given, almost completely alone.

Puerto Rico's judicial secretary Antonio Saigardia said, "You had a separate governor, whose cabinet was resigning, the mayor of his party asked him to resign, and asked the people present on the road to resign. " "It was impossible to rule in this way."

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Mr. Sagardia said that he talked to Mr. Rosello on Tuesday and told him that he had no choice but to resign as the Judge of the Puerto Rico Department, because of his current and past 11 years sales related to Mr. Rosello The search warrants were issued for the phone. Advisory as part of the criminal investigation in private group chat

In addition to being rude and impure by leaked messages, suggested that the administration was unfairly favoring the political affiliated friends, a few days later, the federal authorities investigated the corruption of two former senior officials and four others. Was arrested.

Those who thought that they knew Mr. Rosela, when I read their raw comments, they presented one of their side, which seemed to show that only their male friends were shown.

Representative Jennifer González-Cologne said, "A gentleman was very respected, always very kind," the resident commissioner of Puerto Rico who did not vote in Congress, who had asked for the resignation of Mr. Rosio publicly last Friday. "They were two completely different personalities."

When I applied in 2016, with the powerful family connections in politics, Rosela's course for the first time had increased for a candidate: tennis player MIT Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering in Michigan. Postdoctoral research in Duke.

Mrs. Gonzalez-Cologne and Mr. Sagardia described Mr. Rosela once as a heretic and tireless worker after being elected. He used to sleep very little and liked to make his own graphic and table, sometimes with different colors of a pen that he did in your pocket.

"He is very organized, the way to do it. Researchers and scientists" said Mr. Sagardia, who knows Mr. Rosello from when he was a teenager. "We are not talking about anyone."

But Mr. Rosela filled his team with trusted friends who, in many cases, had less experience in the government than they did. The elderly of his New Progressive Party, who support the support of Puerto Rican state, realized that Mr. Rosello had refused to obey or follow his advice and cooled some of them.

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"I think it is an unfortunate combination of a group of people who have worked hard and could have good intentions, but there was no experience, and that was very arrogant," former Governor Louis G. Fortune said: Progress said that he was a friend of Mr. Rosela.

Mr. Rosello worked as his own head, concentrated power in his office and separated himself with his closest advisors and not to anyone else, Mr. Fortune said. "It seemed like to make the bunker of that inner circle: either you were with them or against them."

Mr. Fortune said that he had met with Governor Raul Maldenado's former Chief of Staff last year, and he told them that the rumors were spread that some people in the internal orbit of the governor were not "working according to the law".

Mr. Maldonado, who was among those people in the telegram chat, later became secretary of the Treasury and publicly said what he had said was corruption within the administration. They were fired because of their clarity.

Mr. Rosela's former mentor Mr. Co. remembers the wedding of Mr. Rosela in 2008, just seven years before he ran for the governor. He invited his closest friends to the suburbs of Detroit to marry his first wife. It was a celebration, Puerto Rican was inspired by the high emerging positions of politics, and the lover and his friends joked about those positions, which would someday assume in the administration of Mr. Rosello.

Among the guests were Eliis Sánchez, who became a powerful lobbyist during the administration of Mr. Rosello and was one of the chat participants. In the wedding of Michigan, according to Mr. Companies, Mr. Sanchez organized a court under a gazebo and then, giving a blessing to Mr. Rosello and his girlfriend symbolically, reflecting a scene of "The Godfather". (Both took divorce a year later.)

Mr. Co. Rosalow's first job in politics, Father of Ricardo and former Governor Pedro J. At the behest of Rosela, who was a mentor of Mr. Co. In 2004, Mr. Companies led the Latino campaign for the Democratic presidential candidate Wesley Clark and headed for Rosesso concerned to help Arizona.

Mr. Rosela did not want his son to follow in his footsteps, the company said.

"Pedro said to me: 'Listen, I do not want my son to come into politics; I think that this is a dirty business and I do not want any harm to my family, but it is very consistent,'" Mr. Co. said.

A few years after the campaign, Mr. Rosela contacted Mr. Companies, who was then a Ph.D. student at Stanford, to join the army in a new Silicon Valley company.

Mr. Rosello and Mr. Company decided to develop real-time political voting software under a firm called Bulletins. When Mr. Company mentioned that they would require a significant amount to start, Mr. Rosello asked him not to worry that he had enough resources.

He said that the startup was not anywhere, and those who were brought to the company were not paid. Cameron Brown, who hired developers to write Mr. Rosello's software code, said that Mr. Rosello sent some down payment, "but it basically made me harsh."

About 10 years after Mr. Rosela became the governor, Mr. Brown said that he received some payment from Mr. Rosello in 2017 and 2018.

Mr. Company said that he covered the part of Mr. Rosello's loan with his money and then declared bankruptcy.

"He lives in a bubble," Mr. Co. said about Mr. Rosello. "That's how he lived his life."