The heatwave of Europe: Temperature at urban heat island of Paris reached 109 degrees

The heatwave of Europe: Temperature at "urban heat island" of Paris reached 109 degrees

Paris: Europe is in the middle of a heatwave, which is a threat to life. Records fell in the cities of France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Great Britain on Thursday, like Domino. It reached 100 degrees in London, 109 in Paris, the highest temperature ever recorded. But the French capital is not built for it.

The prestigious sites became water parks, nothing to counter the heat. But this last heatwave does not have the fun of the fountains.

Heavy heat has worried officials about the stability of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which almost caught fire in April. They worry that the stones can become unstable and cause a fall.

Thursday's record in Paris reached the heatwave 109 degrees, delayed trains, trapped passengers and even affected the power grid. In South France, a nuclear plant closed two reactors due to heat.

Parisians have been prepared with temporary solutions, free water, and fog machines to cool the heel. This can be a permanent problem because heatwaves become more frequent and serious, struggling to cope with a big city like Paris.

Scientist calls it "island of urban summers" Buildings and roads absorb heat during the day, then leave it at night as a radiator, which becomes a new challenge for old Europe.

A meteorologist in Paris said that due to climate change excessive heat could become ideal.