There is not much to say in the superhero satire 'The Boys', but says that it is loud

There is not much to say in the superhero satire 'The Boys', but says that it is loud

"What if they are superheroes, but evil?"

It's a bold foundation that looks fresh, even amazing ... if the year is 1982.

This was when writer Alan Moore and several artists took the British superhero Marwellman (later, Miracleman) of 50 and again reconnected him as a Super Powersport Despot, who made humanity a slave.

"Well, what if superheroes ... but corrupt?"

Imagine! Innovative! ... if it was in 1986 when Moore and artist Dave Gibbons created Watchmen on the painting of superheroes, whose great ideas became a violent nihilism.

... or perhaps it was 1996's when the author Mark Vaid and artist Alex Ross gave a dark glimpse about the future near the DC Universe, in which a new generation of bad heroes and goes had a difficult contempt for human life in the Kingdom Exhibits.

"It's okay, it's okay. How about superheroes ... but corporate insult without a soul?"

HAPPY! Sharp satire! Bite! ... if this is 1954 when in the pages of the magazine MAD, author Harvey Kurtzman and artist Valley Wood changed the satirical versions of Superman and Captain Marvel with corporate logo with a corporate logo, slogans for Chesterfield cigarette.

This is: Amazon, a new series of 8 series of The Boys, about a group of mercenaries without power, who is determined to defeat the first team of bad superheroes of the world, corrupted and without a corporate spirit, a sandbox Likes to play in your view that your usage fee Filling a litter box that has been sitting in the sun, rain, and air for decades, filling cigarette bum, cat hunt and old toys, which were left by the previous stories, who touched the right topics.

This is even more difficult today than 2006, when the first time the song was released by author Garth Ennis and artist Derrick Robertson, the Amazon show was independently adopted.

The author was running his sexually explicit, super violent and joyfully defamatory career in Anis Pachter comic (which became the AMC series), and got ready to make the boys even crueler and sad. (There was a superhero in the series, who had rushed aggressively with asteroids to save the world, so you know: missionary?)

The boy's comics series was part of a movement which culminated in the 1990s: Comics who hurt you for your courageous smile, happiness, even a punk; They wanted you to think that they were running away with something. In other words, they were boys of every 14 years. There were some to laugh at the horrific representation of violence: the more bloody, the more amazing the same. Violence against women, homosexuals, and minorities was only a tool to show that bad people were very bad and used to excite the heroes for action.

What was The Boy at that time, especially if he had been reading comics for years, was exhausted, and nothing else: In fact? We are still ... this?

Comics like The Boyz finally got an M-grade to mature, a word that was interpreted to apply to the graphic representation of sex and violence, in contrast to his emotional development.

I am happy to inform that the Amazon series improves its source material. He treats the comedy with a lazy and provocative event, the death of his main character's girlfriend, the casual superheroes of Hughie (Jack Quad), and treating it more than just a plot trigger. The series gives time to absorb Hugi, to cry, to absorb the cruel phenomenon, therefore, although it is shown in a slow love, it becomes more than just another nihilistic interval.

This is a hallmark of the show because it turns out. Where the comic jokes to gather headlines in a bloody show and laughs with jokes, the show (on a budget) and then ... takes time to inspect it, check it and unpack it. To honor it legally, in other words. They are in the streets.

To be clear: The series follows closely the familiar subjects of the comic. This is a program about a greedy and cynical mega-corporation that rages a credible population in praise of superheroes flattering, who surely demands that it be taught as Marvel and Warner's satire. And it might be and maybe, if the series is a consistent vowel, managed to maintain the scene by scene. As a fun, it is to see the corporate lord of Elizabeth Shu, for example, smashing with a verbal smile, verbally eliminating a subordinate, insisting on creating a program for a wide range of juvenile jokes from straight comedy. , Many of whom include their Aquaman stand -the Deep (Chase Crawford) and their romantic attachment to sea creatures continue on the way.

When the program becomes sufficiently stable to allow its characters to interact without bombs, blood, and jaws, the artists get interesting notes to play. An intimate relationship with Anthony Star's Demonic Homeland, Shu's analogy is the most intriguing show of the program. Naive hero starlightStaying, Erin Morritte radiated empathy and root intellect, because the role that he has been determined is being disillusioned with him. He played with the romance, honesty, and sweetness, alongside the Hughie de Quad, in contrast with the most honest elements of the program.

As a leader of the group of mercenaries, properly, New Jerusalem Karl Urban, known as Butcher, cheats through a coconut accent with enough enthusiasm, although in particular with fewer nuances. Lazy Alonso brings an inexperienced sympathy for the motherless role of Mother Milk's merchandise, and Queen Maeve, as a surprised woman, Dominic McClagot, actually takes full advantage of a terrific midseason sequence that involves an aircraft flight. Which works as an emotional point, inflectional for his character. She is another actress, who has less time in front of the screen compared to sex jokes with fish; He is more qualified

Boys have no bold dictation of superhero tropes, which their creators think is it. (If you are doing this for the market, then the FX Legion's last season has been challenged by the author every week at this time, serving real, philosophically complex superheroes.) And although he does not have much is. What has not been previously said about superheroes, has some good performance, concrete effects, some wonderful jokes (a late-season set piece in which the super-paced baby is used as a deadly weapon) more surprising than (amazing Is larger), and many scenes of intestinal conflict ... complete with many forget.