Top Gun Kelly McGillis Be Honestly Honest to Not Invited In The Next Episode


Kelly McGillis, who memorized Charlie, a love lover, with Tom Cruise in Top Gun, does not care about the fact that she is not in the sequel to the 80s classic. In a fresh and honest interview with Entertainment Tonight, The Golden Globe-nominated said that he was not asked to be part of the film. And he is not surprised, to be honest.

In the middle 62-year-old man said, "I am old and fat and I am fit for my age, and this is not the whole scene." "But ... I want to feel completely safe in my skin and instead of evaluating all those things, who is in my age and my age."

In the next film, Top Gun: Maverick, Cruise reprised his role as Headline Pete, "Maverick" Michelle, starring Jennifer Conley as the main love interest. In the interview of ET, McGillis gave his blessing to Conline, "I am happy for him."

Since Top Gun, McGill's successful career has slowed down, though he has continued acting and teaching in Ashville, North Carolina, where he has lived with his two daughters Sonora and Kelsey Tillman for many years. McGillis said that he initially got quiet to stay away from the industry.

"It was very challenging for me that there is some kind of identity or self-identity or real self-worth other than what I have done." "And it just did not become a priority; it became a priority, in the beginning, she was raising my daughters and I could have become the best father."

He did not need to go to acting, he said. "It was not an important decision I had to leave, but other things became more important," he said. "I like acting, I love what I do, I like to do theater, but I do not know. For me, my relationship with others became very important in my relationship with fame."

He said that McGillis does not live with many people of Top Gun production. "I am not really in touch with anyone. I think I have spoken to one or two people from time to time, but the truth is that movies are very strange working conditions because there are many people who are different, Come apart from different parts of the world. "

As a new Top Gun, McGillis said that he has not yet seen new success nor is he counting the days until the film is released.

"I do not run for the theater and I do not run outside the theater," he said. "It's not on my little list of things I'd like to do."