Trade negotiations will continue in the US in September.


After discussions on increasing the Chinese purchases of American agricultural products in the latest talks between the two countries in Shanghai, the United States and China will resume trade talks in Washington at the beginning of September.

Both sides had "clear, efficient and constructive in-exchange exchanges" on important economic and trade issues and argued that China would increase its purchasing of American agricultural products and the United States would create "favorable conditions" for it. , Said the Chinese state. Xinhua said on Wednesday, the next round of "high level" talks will be held in the United States in September.

The White House said on Wednesday that both sides discussed forcibly transfer of technology, intellectual property rights, services, non-tariff barriers, and agriculture.

"The Chinese side has confirmed its commitment to increase the purchase of agricultural exports from the United States. Meetings were creative, and we expect that at the beginning of September, an applicable trade agreement will be negotiated in Washington, DC, "said the statement of the press secretary.

The two-day meeting that took place this week in Shanghai was the first individually business negotiation since G20Tru. Between the talks, President Donald Trump made several tweets criticizing China's business practices, in which he claimed that he was not buying more American farming products because he had promised to do so.

"China is doing very badly, the worst year in 27 years, it was now started to buy our agricultural product, there is no indication that they are doing it. This is the problem with China, they have not arrived yet, "Trump wrote on Tuesday.

He claimed that China's 2020 president can wait for the results of the elections.

"They should probably wait for our elections to see if we have one of the hardest Democrats like Sleeping ... However, the problem they expect is that if and when I win, those treatments He is going to be very tough to us than we are talking now ... or no compromise, "Trump said.

Trade talks collapsed in May after the trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping participated in the G20 summit in June, which resulted in an increase of US $ 200 billion in Chinese products. The Trump administration also blacklisted Huawei, which forced American companies to cut off its relationship with them. Later, China said that unless the existing tariff is terminated, an agreement will not be made.