Trump says that in an interview with Dames 'Hennessy', 'this fake crime' was created with obstruction claims

Trump says that in an interview with Dames 'Hennessy', 'this fake crime' was created with obstruction claims

President Trump attacked Democrats after witnessing the former specialty lawyer Robert Muller in Capitol and told Fox News's Sein Hanitie that Democrats "made this false crime" by accusing them of obstructing justice.

"I did not do this. They make a false crime," Trump said during a live interview on "Hanti". "And then, he says, 'he was interrupted.' He said that there was no collusion, but 'he obstructed,' and nothing like this has happened in this country. '

When the legislators asked him whether the findings of the Russian investigation of nearly two years have actually resented the President, Muller testified in front of two committees of the House of Representatives on Wednesday noon, responding to "no".

Trump reiterated his desire to "investigate investigators" about the origin of Russian investigations and said that Attorney General William Burr "will investigate him."

For his part, the chairman of the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives, Jerry Nadler, DN.Y., said after the hearing: "Today was a decisive day for the American people to tell the facts. With those facts, we can continue and we are facing a tough time.

Trump said, "It should never be with the other President of the United States." "This is complete devastation for our country. It was a victim of a wrong witch."

During his testimony, Muller denied Trump's claims that the investigation was "Witch Hunt" and indicated that Trump's campaign welcomed Russian aid to help win the 2016 elections.

Nevertheless, the former Special Prosecutor reiterated what had been said in his report and said: "We were not firm on whether the President committed a crime."

Trump said about the investigation, "It was treason, they were very high offenses. It was as bad as a definition, the worse it was."