warren criticized trumps attacks on

Warren criticized Trump's attacks on Baltimore and Cummings as "racist" and "disgusting"

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren canceled presidential trump attacks. Elijah Cummings (Democrat) and he represents the district as "racist" and "disgusting".

The senator of Massachusetts told reporters, "Donald Trump is once again racial, raising racist comments." "It is insulting, it represents both for the Congress and for the people."

"Elijah Cummings is one of my most beloved friends, he is a good person from start to finish, and fights for what is right in this country," he continued. "It is disgusting to be more aggressive than being humiliated by the posting president of racist tweets."

Hours after Warren's comment, Trump ridiculed Cummings as "hunter", while selecting the Baltimore area district he represented as "dangerous" and "dirty".

Trump said on Twitter on Twitter, "Cummings has been a great attacker, who screams and screams about the great border patrolling men and women on the southern border." in the morning.

"Your district is considered the worst in America. UU., As shown during the Congress tour last week, the border is clean, efficient and well-managed, very busy. The Cummings District is a disastrous disaster, which is affected by rats and rodents. If I spent more time in Baltimore, then maybe I could help clean up this very dangerous and dirty place. "

Observations expressed dissatisfaction over the anarchy of Democratic MPs and fellow Warrens 2020 presidential candidates Cummings, president of the House Overseas and Reform Committee, used comments to remind Trump to portray his role as a legislator.

"Sir, Chairman, I go home every day in my district. Every morning, I wake up and go to fight for my neighbors," he said. "It is my constitutional duty to oversee executive power. But fighting for my voters is my moral duty."

Trump doubled his observations on Saturday night and Sunday morning, arguing that Comings has done very little for its components.

Trump said on Twitter, "Democrats always play racecards, when in fact they did this for the great African-American people of our country."

Cummings has repeatedly criticized the Trump administration over the past two years. Within a few weeks after the trump attacks on Congressmen, Cummings said that the treatment of the migratory children on border facilities is "government-sponsored child abuse."