What's on TV on Tuesday: 'Bachelor' Finale and Whitney Cummings


Hanna Brown reaches the last roses in the season of "The Bachelor" in the final. And cummings address sexual harassment in their latest stand-up.

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LA BACHELORETTE 8 p.m. Fifteen seasons of dating this reality show on ABC can be more remembered for a relationship which was not for the work that finally chose singles, Hannah Brown. Prior to this season, when Brown was deciding between his four final bookmakers, one of them, Luke, questioned him about faith and morality, that he would like to leave the show if he has intimacy with other competitors. After that there was a dramatic and positive defense from Brown that ended after Luke's departure when he told that he had sex "and Jesus still loves me." On the second night of this two-part closing, Brown may be committed to one of the two finalists, but refusing to do justice can refrain from any television offer can be eliminated.

In 60 days: Narkkok at 10 o'clock. In A & E It is a spin-off of the A & E increment series, in which volunteers make undercurrent prisoners for prisons across the country for 60 days, which focuses their attention on the opioid epidemic in the United States. In "Narcolland", six participants will be involved in law enforcement and spend time in local jails, to see how drug trafficking is affecting communities with Interstate 65, which runs through Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky. And Indiana

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WHITNEY CUMMINGS: Can I play it? Stream over Netflix. Whitney Cummings has been working on her television projects "Whitney" and "Broke Girls" for the past two years, as well as "The Female Brain", her first movie as a film director. But recently he got the time to return to his feet with his special comedy room. In this, cummings include sexual harassment, which is reacting to the #MeToo movement of men and women. He also gives emotional support for the use of lipsticks as a preventive against a potential attacker and offers his views on why society should give sex robots a chance.

Rent of LA LLORONA (2019) on Amazon; Buy on Amazon, Google Play, YouTube and Vudu. Linda Cardellini's character can play an important role in the suffering of a family in "Dead to Me", but in this installment of "Concurring", it is the family of her character who is under attack. The villain (and the most scared source) in this story is La Llorona (Marisol Ramirez), who is a woman who, after killing her two children after leaving her husband and suffering, walked through the earth. Was cursed for A crying demon Like La Lorona, Anna (Cardellini) is also a mother of two children, Chris (Roman Kristo) and Sam (Jenny-Linne Kinchen). It is after the unfortunate confrontation with Chris's ghost that La Lorena becomes a regular visitor in his home, observes almost every room. "Like the best titles of this series, it depends on the primary fears, the unknown, the certainty of death, and concrete actors who can express stupidity," Manohla Dargis wrote in his review for the Times. "Even better is how he explores and exploits division between comedy and horror."