Workers Boris Johnson takes the risk of becoming Britain's Prime Minister

Workers Boris Johnson takes the risk of becoming Britain's Prime Minister

Johnson doubles in an unexpected endeavor to get Britain out of the European Union in just 99 days. An early and dangerous option could be your only way too aggressive gaming.

London: Boris Johnson's first assignment as the British Prime Minister was to start a grand collision course with reality.

Rather than stand on the stairs of downing streets, instead of turning to reconciliation, new conservative leaders flared up on "pessimists" and "fishermen", who failed to get Britain out of the European Union safely for talks of three dying years. are. abroad.

Before the Queen invited him to formally become the next Prime Minister of Britain, a series of anti-conflicting Johnson MPs resigned from the government in protest. The new Prime Minister chose to answer the reaction of his opponents in the reorganization of the Cabinet in a decade, and appoint one of Westminster's most controversial bomb launchers as one of his chief advisers.

Johnson, who led the Abandon campaign during the Brexit referendum, says he can solve the Brexit puzzle in only three months. It is a promise of great courage or heavy ego. Either way, this is likely to lead Johnson, which puts the number 10 key on the line in the initial general election.

Twice on Wednesday, he reiterated the promise of the campaign made by the members of the Conservative Party, who chose him to replace Theresa, who will end on Braxtil Halloween. He says that he wants Britain to leave the European Union with a new agreement, which means that Europe should release red lines from 2016 or forced the House of Commons to change its mind and the May Agreement One is to approve the version, which he rejected by cruelty. Three times MLA

The only option is to get the UK out of the agreement without which the parliament has also voted repeatedly. I could try to force the Brexit without the agreement against the will of the Parliament, but it would be broken with centuries of political precedence.

Johnson is in an almost impossible situation. To ensure that the UK is out of the United States, it will take more time than optimism. UU., But he made it clear that he would take personal responsibility to do so. He said, "the money stops here," the crowd of protesters provoked and shouted in his first speech as the Prime Minister.

If Parliament does not allow you to fulfill the promised promise, then you will need a new parliament, and this means that the elections

The big strategic question that Johnson made at the apartment on the first night of his new offices at number 10 is that whether it is to face reality before bowing before the insistence of EU leaders and parliamentary opponents Or have to wait later that the loss has occurred.

If you spend three months to explain a suspicious Parliament to negotiate a new agreement with Europe and accept it, then you take the risk of being forced to participate in the elections soon after October 31, when you have not fulfilled your brand promise. Nigel Fraz Brextitt is waiting behind the scenes and is ready to crush the conservatives as they did in this year's European elections.

There will be an option for Johnson to call an early election before the deadline and ask the country to support its vision by returning a group of more aggressive MPs in favor of Brexit to bring their approach closer.

Any of these scenarios could leave George Canning at risk of harassing, who was the youngest Prime Minister of Britain until his death in the 57 days of his life for 119 days from April 1827 to 119 days.

The best opportunity to avoid Johnson's ignorance is to explain to the current parliament that he could return any agreement outside of Brussels. Unfortunately for them, May has given a small workforce of only two legislators in the House of Commons, which means that Johnson will sweat for every vote.

Parliamentary arithmetic makes Johnson's Cabinet more surprising. By defeating at least half of the legislators' legislators inherited from May, Johnson has created many new enemies.

He fired Jeremy Hunt, his last rival for leadership, as well as Hunt supporters, Liam Fox, and Penny Mordant, even though he was hardcore. The remaining trend legislators have also been expelled from a cabinet, who tried to make a balance between rival groups in May.

Johnson has ignored this assumption and feels that inside the 10th position, the vote organization is rebuilding the vacations.

An outgoing minister told The Daily Beast: "It's a wet dream of braxitters in a cabinet. The evidence is what is to be protected, as they did, all the offices in a state which can now deliver to Brexit. The Dunkirk feeling, the weakest rhetoric will not be enough, the clock does not stop and everything depends on success: Prime Minister, Government, Party, Country. "

Perhaps the most obvious sign is that Johnson is planning. Orchid Earth Policy InsursumDominic Cummings is his choice as the Chief Advisor for Mati's search. Cummings was featured in the form of talent in a recent HBO film victory by Benedict Cumberbatch, but he is also known as one of the most aggressive characters in politics.

He was one of those few people in modern times, who were denouncing the Parliament at the beginning of this year, to refuse to attend a hearing of a committee, and former Prime Minister David Cameron once Described as "career psycho".

Cummings is quarreling not only with their Brexit opponents but also many people of the same side. He attacked the group of hard-line Brigaristes that could be struggled to control, and said that they are considered "metastatic tumors and removed from the American political body."

He described that the pro-Brexit legislator in charge of the deal was "fat as a stick and thick as a lazy."

Cummings is also recognized as an electoral strategist, who gives birth to the possibility that he has been appointed to help in the care of the adjacent election, or perhaps another referendum maybe if he is the only one Is the option.

Johnson separated the party's great animals and surrounded itself with a group of political outsiders like Cummings and his new interior minister, Preeti Patel, who was ousted from the May Cabinet when it came to know that they were secretive Meetings were Israeli's. Government behind the Prime Minister's back

Johnson likes to compare between him and Winston Churchill, but after writing the biography of a leader who was strong against Hitler in World War II, he should know that the very ambitious and less-prepared early incarnation of Churchill has always ended in success Are not there.

In World War I, Churchill made a bold plan to open the second front attacking the Ottoman Empire, but he was not given the number of soldiers he had requested. In the outbreak of blind optimism about reality, Churchill ordered a spectacular attack on the fact that now Turkey has to move forward in some way. The result was the infamous bloodbath in the Battle of Gallipoli.