2 children died after a stolen police cruiser crashed into their car in front of a library


A police cruiser killed two children and injured nine people while stealing two cars parked in Dayton, Ohio on Monday night.

The cars were parked outside the Dayton Public Library when they were beaten at about 7:22 a.m., said Lt. Eric Henderson of the Dayton Police.
According to Henderson, Dayton police originally responded to the call shortly after 7 pm. The suspect had fled in that incident, he said.
Police received a 911 call about a car near Riverside that collided with a tree and went to review the accident.
When the Riverside officer released his police cruiser, the stabbing suspect, who had left the car that had hit a tree, stole the officer's car and fled at the scene at a high speed.
The suspect crashed a police cruise against two vehicles carrying 11 people, including seven people.
11 migrants were transferred to local hospitals and at least three of them were put to death. He said that two children later died.
Two Riverside officers received minor injuries when they attacked the suspect vehicle.
According to Henderson, the suspect, who is not yet named, was also injured in the accident and is undergoing treatment.