BMW M Boss drops M Wagons because people want M SUVs


This is the sad reality in which we live.

Rumors about the first M3 Touring production car have been circulating on the internet for almost a year, but there are no signs of this. BMW built this extraordinary M3 wagon based on the E46 in 2000, but it was only an internal use for many functions. It seems we will never see the M3 wagon as BMW M boss Marcus Flash told Car Magazine that a high-performance M Touring model is not on the agenda, meaning he would have to compromise for the M340 Touring :

"Tourist properties are not part of our plan. If I asked customers in Austria, Switzerland or Germany, they would probably approve me, but we are a global company and we have a lot of things to deal with for the purpose of the train. We don't enter products like this. That's what SUVs are for. "

In other words, while there is demand for M3 tours in some parts of the world, it is still not enough to make a case for solid business. Globally, BMW M believes SUVs make more sense, so they just launched the X3M and X4M to join their older brothers, the X5M and X6M.

If you fancy a true BMW M wagon, then you have only one chance to find a used M5 Touring from the super rare E34 or E61 generation, which is still pretty much with the powerful V10 and SMG transmission Is rare BMW's fast-growing division was only less than the earlier 900 and slightly higher than the previous 1,000, so you won't find them so often in the classifieds.

There are a few options that are worth considering, namely the 202 mph B5-Turbo Touring, also known as the fastest production car in the world or the next long-roofed B3 that we unconditionally in Frankfurt next month Will see as M340I Touring.

As a final note, let's consider which is probably the best car ever produced by BMW, an M5 Touring (E34) equipped with a Mach 5 F1 V12 engine.