Brazil says it will reject Amazon's aid promised in G7


Leaders of some of the world's richest countries promised more than $ 22 million to help fight fires in the Amazon rainforest, the Brazilian government declined the offer, and actually told other countries that they would deal with the cases, Acceptance of later assistance to design only possible words.

Brazil's president, Jair Bolonsaro, expressed his anger in a series of Twitter posts on Monday, specifically criticizing and mocking French President Emmanuel Macron, who aided the group's summit of a 7A verbal dispute between the two leaders Package announced.

But early the next day, Bolsonaro offered possible terms for the acceptance of the aid package when he spoke to reporters in the capital, Brasilia.

He said that if Macron removed the "insult done to me" and Bolsonaro insisted that Brazil have no sovereignty over the Amazon, he would reconsider.

"To speak or accept anything from France, even with your best intentions, you have to get your words back, and then we can speak," Bolsonaro said. "Remove them first, then make the offer and then I will reply."

Bolsonaro, who had previously suggested that Mecon's real motive is to save France's agriculture from Brazil's competition, tweeted on Monday that the president was behind his idea of ​​a "coalition" of G7 countries to save "Amazon" Behind the motives were hidden, as. If we were a colony or a man's land. "

His chief of staff, Onyx Lorenzoni, told the Globo broadcast chain that the administration would reject the offer and insulted Mr. Macron in reference to a fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris in April. The Brazilian government then confirmed his comments, Globo reported.

"Thank you, but perhaps these resources are more relevant to the redevelopment of Europe," Lorenzoni told the news organization. "Can't Macron also stop a predictable fire in a church that is a World Heritage Site and what she wants to teach for our country? She has a lot to take care of at home and the French colonies."

More than 26,000 wildfires have erupted in the Amazon rainforest in the month, the highest figure in a decade, sparking international outrage and demanding more security.

Forests absorb an important part of carbon dioxide that heats the planet's climate, is home to indigenous peoples and is an important habitat for endangered species.

In an interview with the Brazilian television show "Rhoda Vida", the country's environment minister, Ricardo Salas, appeared to oppose Mr. Lorenzoni's opinion.

He said he thought "it is important to accept the help that was offered," because it would provide the tools to help fight the fire.

Bolsonaro has been widely criticized by environmentalists for calls to open protected parts of the Amazon rainforest for logging, agriculture, mining, and other development, which, according to many, has led to further exploitation of the region. Critics said the reasons for the explosion and deforestation are inspired by its policies.

Bolsonaro started criticizing against Macron since last week when the French leader opened fire on a group of 7 agendas and called the situation a global crisis. Bolsonaro said Macron had a "colonial mindset", while Macron accused the Brazilian leader of lying about his commitment to combat climate change.