Ferrari lawyers threaten to sue fashion designer for Instagram post


Ferrari, the Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars, is not impressed by the Instagram post by German fashion designer Philippe Pleine. Ferrari's lawyers have sent a notice to the plane, clearly not impressed with the use of the Ferrari brand in the few Instagram posts that it is making. Plan owns a green Ferrari 812 Superfast. The designer has created a series of Instagram posts with her green Ferrari in the box, and since then he has also published a photo of the letter sent by Orsingar Oratu Avavati Associate lawyer Fabrizio Sanna.

Playin called it a "love letter" in his Instagram post. Ferrari's lawyer says: "Ferrari trademarks and car models are associated in their photographs with a lifestyle that is completely incompatible with the perception of the Ferrari brand, in relation to artists who make sexual advances and cars Let's use Ferrari as stuff that is unpleasant in itself. "The legal notice also suggests that Plane should delete all Instagram posts, as well A similar post should be posted anywhere on the web and on the social network, which will be within 48 hours of receiving later. While writing this, the posts are still appearing in the Plain Instagram feed. If they are not eliminated, then Ferrari lawyers have indicated that they will proceed with legal action.

That round has already passed.

Instead, Plin is replying in an Instagram post. Ferrari CEO Louis C. Camilleri should think twice before sending letters to their lawyers as to a valuable customer who has bought 4 new Ferrari in the last 10 years! I am still speechless about the unprofessional and aggressive behavior of the Ferrari company to our customers! This is a clear blackmail !!!! I will not remove the photo and will start legal action against the Ferrari company for this unprofessional behavior! I await an official apology from MR. Louis C. Camilleri! ”, Writes.

By the way, in many of the posts you shared on Instagram, we can also see cars made by other manufacturers including Rolls Royce and Lamborghini. Palin has several publications, including their Ferrari 812 superfast and sneakers or bikini models, which are part of the frame.

According to The Fashion Law, Ferrari can have a strong case here. "While this is generally acceptable, use trademarks of brands in a descriptive, decorative or another identification capacity that is not of origin (that's why they are used in films, music videos, and even advertising campaigns of other brands Appear without problems.), It seems that there are more things here. In the United States, the owner of the trademark registered in Italy is the third The party has the right to stop using similar or similar brands for the same products or services or similar. "He says. It is also argued that in one photo, Plain has placed his shoes (also in a green tone) next to the Ferrin logo, creating the misconception that Ferrari and Plane are working together on the product.

Then there is the question of whether companies really need to assert their trademark rights, and also how Plain's ownership of a Ferrin car in the midst of a debate over the fact could add complexity to this potential legal debate.

We can safely say that this is not the last time we heard about this saga.