Idaho would have to pay $ 1.45 million a game at Penn State even if FCS. Therefore


Despite moving from the Football Bowl branch to the Football Championship branch last year, the University of Idaho football program is still reaping the financial benefits of an FBS position team.

Idaho will receive a $ 1.45 million guaranteed to play at Penn State on Saturday, which would be outstanding for an FBS team and unheard of for an FCS team. But schools signed their contracts in the summer of 2015, about eight months before Idaho, announcing their plans to change the rankings. The agreement did not include language that allowed Penn State to leave the game under that circumstance. And Penn State is fully honoring the deal.

Without confirming the dollar figure, a Penn State athletic spokesman said in a statement, "We are excited to receive Idaho and expect to pay the amount described in the contract."

Florida Athletic spokesman Steve McClain said Idaho raised $ 1.2 million to play in Florida last season. And according to documents, Idaho has signed a contract with Indiana for the game in 2021 and Indiana in 2022 that will pay $ 1.2 million and $ 1.3 million, in response to an open records request.

However, in March 2017, LSU canceled a game against the Vandals, which was scheduled for the 2020 season and guaranteed $ 1.4 million to any school for financial penalties, including language in the contract, If there was another one was allowed to leave the game. There was not an FBS member at least 24 months before the game date and it was played at that time.

These provisions are not common, but LSU was not unique. The agreement for the 2018 and 2019 games between Texas-El Paso and New Mexico State began in 2017, stating that "if the State University of New Mexico Division I FBS division is left in the FCS classification, So this contract will be considered void. "

Warranty games against FCS schools have traditionally cost less, as FBS teams can only count one win against those programs for their bowl eligibility. In addition, a group of FCS teams tends to play a game away from home, overtaking the number of FBS schools that are prepared to do so.

In non-conference games, USA Today Sports may receive payment terms for this season, with Penn State playing for Idaho the next highest amount an FCS school is raising for a game against an FBS school: $ 650,000 Montana 14. Paid to play in Oregon in September. The University of California-Davis and Sacramento State will receive $ 625,000 dollars per game against California and Arizona State, respectively.

Idaho Athletic Associate Communications Director Mike Walsh told USA Today Sports that the school expected to receive full payment according to the terms of the contract.

As Penn State officials approached the university to restart the deal following the FCS transition, Walsh told USA Today Sports, "With our recent staff turnover, we say no with 100 percent certainty If there was ever a conversation with Penn State about our state, however, if it does happen, discussions were held with Athletic Director Reich. To the opinion of other members of the department, was the advice, which coincides with other contracts for football games for the same reason. "

Former athletic director Rob Spear, who signed a contract with Penn State on behalf of Idaho, dropped out of school in 2018. When contacted by email, he declined to comment on the agreement.

Sports contracts outside of the Idaho Conference with Power Five Conference schools that have been negotiating since the announcement of changes to FCS guarantee that such agreements are usually at the top end of the range. With Washington state in 2020, '22 and '25 will pay $ 550,000, $ 575,000 and $ 625,000. A meeting with Oregon State is scheduled for $ 675,000 in 2021, as is a meeting with Oregon in 2024.