Joaquin Castro defended Trump by tweeting a list of donors


Joaquin Castro, the brother of 2020 presidential candidate Julian Castro and representative of the campaign's president, continued to defend his tweet, which lists the names and employers of Trump's major donors in the San Antonio, Texas area.

In MSNBC's "Morning Joe", Castro said that you are giving money to someone who persecutes a community and people are killed, adding that he is not trying to boycott those businesses or target donors is.

Castro, a Democrat leader in Texas, said the tweet is a "moan" in which respected people in the San Antonio community pay money and use the fund to "feed hats", calling the president's rhetoric in El Paso a mass shooting. Is being linked to.

Unless I support the white nationalism and racism that Donald Trump is feeding and feeding, I hope, as a man of a good conscience, to think twice before contributing to his campaign, "Castro said.

Presenter Willie Geist pressured Castro to worry about the possibility of people's names in his tweet. Castro said the donor's names are public information and the chart was circulating online before it was shared by his Twitter account.

He said, "I don't want to target anyone crazy or anyone."

Castro doubled in the post on Tuesday after facing a violent attack from the Trump campaign and Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy.

Castro took to Twitter, dismissing his demands to end the tweet, saying "No one has been attacked nor harassed in my post. You know it all."

All this information is published regularly. Castro said that you are trying to distract yourself from the racism that has eluded the Republican Party, and the fact that President Trumpian has donated thousands of advertisements about the Hispanics "invasion" of the United States. Spent money

Trump's campaign told Fox News that he reported Castro's tweet to Twitter, arguing that it violates the platform's abusive behavior provision that indicates users cannot "participate in selective harassment of anyone Are or may incite others to do so ”.

"How low have Democrats sunk?" Trump's campaign communications director Tim Murtha tweeted. "This is Joaquin Castro, president of his brother's campaign and president of Congress. Appointing private citizens and their employers, pointing to them for their political views and exercising First Amendment rights."

With the political motivation, an attacker reprimanded Castro on Twitter, with a political impetus, Steve Scalise, a Republican, who was seriously injured in a baseball practice in Congress in 2017.

He said, "People should not have personal goals of their political views. This is not a game. It is dangerous and is at stake. Stay in advance."