Shannen Doherty wouldn't have made the new series 'BH90210'.


Totally Hilly, California. - Fox's reboot of "BH 90210," "Beverly Hills, 90210," in the original teen drama by actors in "improvised" versions of their real-world characters. But there was one aspect in which Shannon Doherty certainly did not want to stand out: the dominant public image that he is a problematic villain.

I'm not a villain, "Doherty said in the Television Critics Association on Wednesday promoting the new series (Wednesday, 9 EDT / PDT)." I am opposed to this ... I am definitely not interested in being part of that type of program. "Meta-series, in which actors plan their own rebirth within the program", really focuses on our friendship (s). Does .. I just want to spread good positive energy to the world, as my character does. "

In "BH", Doherty is shown slightly out of the rest of the original cast members, appearing only at a fan convention via LiveArch. But eventually, it joins the rebirth that the actors organize to help in their careers.

"I am like the girl who wants peace and has got her life and things settled." "You can't face something like cancer and be a different person. It's not like I was the one to start. It would have allowed me to tear down my walls a little bit, which I probably am." , But there is nothing like it in the new '90210'. "

Doherty, who says she is now "healthy" after her battle with cancer, was initially reluctant to sign the project.

"I definitely wasn't going to do that, and there's nothing against the program, I knew the program would sell and whether I would do well or not. They didn't need me," she says. "This was not the time I wanted to do."

But she changed her mind after the original "90210" star Luke Perry died this year.

"I think it was a very (good) way to honor him, and I'm very happy to make that decision," she says. "(It was) actually losing someone is a kind of healing that means the world to all of us." Each cast member, including Jenny Garth, Tory Spelling, Ian Zerring, Jason Priestley, Brian Austin Green, and Gabriel Carter, is an executive producer of the series and has something to say about the image he presents.

"Each of us did what we do in the (new) program. Brian (Austin Green) built his character, his relationships with his wife, how many children he had," she says. "He made his story 100%. I made my story 100%."

Although some actors have real-life partners and children, their other important characters in the series are completely fictional, protecting the privacy of royal families.

"My husband is very personal and has a career of his own and she was quite determined that it was not a part of me," Dotty says. "I have no spouse (in the program)."