Tiger Woods is playing again at the Liberty National on Thursday


Tiger Woods did not appear confident about his body and his game earlier this week and showed himself in the first round of the 2019 Northern Trust. Woods hesitated early and could not recover until he finished with 75 out of four. Now he will have to fight on Friday just to make the cut, and his presence in the rest of the FedEx Cup playoffs may be in doubt.

Woods, who admitted he felt "rude" on Wednesday, opened the game with two pairs in the final nine of the Liberty nationals. Then his scorecard became more colorful. At age 12, Tiger's approach was found to the left of the green bunker. From there, he proceeds to kill Hare and another bunker, though he wakes up to save the ghost.

A regular birdie followed at par 5 13, reaching two, but Woods loaded a double bogey on 14 when he beat the tee with an iron. At the age of 15 and 17, two more bogies arrived rapidly, making Tiger four years old.

But Woods got a much-needed break in the first hole of Liberty National. His exit block managed to stay away from the current on the road and he got a chance to record the second birdie of his day. However, a wild start blow in the third resulted in another ghost, dropping it back to four, tied for the worst score on time.

Woods cited his link again after Thursday's round. "It's a bit harsh, yes, but it will be," he said.

If he leaves tomorrow for the second round and fights again with his body and game, it is predictable, though unlikely, that Woods ceased altogether to preserve his health is. decision made. If Woods chooses that route, Friday could be his final outing for a long time.

Woods left for the second round on Friday at 12:33 pm. ET.