25 exaggerated answers to college football, week 2: Alabama crime ready for LSU, Michigan has no hope


Two weeks after the 2019 college football season, we surpassed the value of entertainment in the previous season. While this sounds like hyperbole, consider everything that's happened so far: LSU and Texas shooting, Army leads Michigan to overtime, Tennessee completely explaining itself ...

Wait, that was only today.

It is okay to accept it. We are creatures of the moment. And so, areas of overdue are more part of the game in the form of touchdowns. So, in Saturday's action, mainly in the books, let's take a look at the biggest exaggerated reactions to the action and how absurd, or completely justified they may be.

It's LSU that can challenge Alabama: We've heard it offscreen how long LSU No. 6 will have a high-scoring strain. The question no longer exists. Tigers coach Ed Orgeron made an important acquisition with Air Game Coordinator and Open Catcher coach Joe Brady, and the results have spoken for themselves. Quarterback Joe Burrow, easily the most important player on the Orgeron list, was invincible in a 45–38 win over No. 9 Texas: 31 for 39 for 471 yards and four for the third touch girl and four for the fourth touchdagger. Three Jefferson LSU scorers, including Jefferson, spent more than 100 yards.

This is LSU's best example of a legitimately new offense, but it is not the only one. 3 minutes before the end of the first half, the Tigers scored a successful 2-minute run as a 58-yard touchdown in less than 30 minutes. LSU did exactly that and had millions of witnesses. Deepening a working LSU attack has been an impossible dream for so many years, let alone one who can overtake a Big 12 team. However, it was Saturday night in Austin, which is in many ways upward from its recent historical weight. I don't know if LSU will be able to beat Alabama this season, but I know it won't be 29-0 once again. This is not how you defeated the Crimson Tide and this team of Orgeron to their credit, they had the feeling to understand it and change accordingly.

It would be a responsibility to protect the Texas pass: It is very difficult for LSU's loss to move Texas' defensive zone. Those pervasive feelings played out of her mind, as mentioned earlier; Who knows how many defenses they can cover tonight. If you want to keep the score, both "DBUs" yielded a total of 880 yards. But this is not the last time the Longhorns will face a talented group to get a pass this year. They receive no fewer than five or six big 12 offenses that are capable of presenting the same number. Texas had concerns about defensive rotation early in the season, and that concern has some validity. The good news is that Texas finds the least objectionable.

Clemson would not be challenged, unless the Varsity American football tie: Apart from the backdoor cover of No. 12 Texas A&M, a lot of the fight against No. 1 Clemson was not published by the Aggies. The Tigers did not play their most effective game and yet it does not seem comfortable at times. This touchdown from Justin Ross, catching from quarterback Trevor Lawrence, is just not fair.

So, will any team challenge the Tigers on their way to a potential playoff appearance? I suspect this when either team enters a conference game. Joint family antagonists with the notorious lack of credibility of college players usually make at least one or two interesting games. But what I always come back to is that great players make great plays when they talk, and Clemson has a lot of game makers. You know about the offensive, and have the speed to burn that defense. Then, when Clemson collects everything, and he will, it will be ugly for everyone else.

Michigan is lifeless without hope of a resurgence: it is a growing frustration under coach Jim Harbor. Senna had two parts in the process of winning at No. 7, 24-21, at Michigan in double overtime. First, the army is well trained. Ask Oklahoma and Houston about the dangers of playing for this team. But Wolverine did not make it easy for him. A more comprehensive description of Michigan's offensive problems can be found here. Which is the answer? At this point in Harboff's term - Year 5 - there cannot be one. If Michigan had difficulty stopping the military (remember, line O was considered a Fortaleza), what would happen in the Big Ten game? It could be the difference between winning the division and defeating Ohio State and finishing 8-4 / 9-3 - well, but not enough to please the corn and blue mass. This seems like any other year with Harbag and is a problem.

Kadon Slovis and Graham Hale just saved Clay Helton's job: wait a minute. Like you, I am excited at the prospect of re-overseeing USC. Jetty injury is entirely possible. Rudi S. Daniels brought Valley Peeped from Slovis with him, who threw for 377 yards and won three touchdowns, 45-20, at 23 Stanford. Slovis can fully launch it and Graham Harrell's aggressive air graphites. He said, even Stanford's defense is as good as advertised can not be. The Trojans are still coming to Utah, Washington, Notre Dame, Oregon, and Cal. It's a tough draw, to start with, some tough defense. If USC can navigate through that and play the Pac-12 title game, Helton will likely buy a contract extension. The story in which Helton is rescued by a substitute quarterback and a freshman OC is insane, but we're still not there even though he feels like it.

Wisconsin has been the most dominant team for two weeks: It turns out that South Florida and Central Michigan were more hot games than previously anticipated (on a related note: yikes, Bulls coaches, Charlie Strong), in fact, they were losing. The last eight games have been in trouble.) No. 17 Wisconsin defeated both opponents 110–0. Obviously, the difference in that point will be significantly reduced over the course of the season, but instead of resorting to "not played against anyone", I have more confidence on a team if they want to do what they want less competition (and some Against) do and) we do. As we have seen for two weeks, many other teams have not been able to say the same. Wisconsin has been impeccable.

The mistake of error ... does Helen hurt anyone? The Alabama transfer has more touchdowns (9) than incomplete (7) through two games. Again, those numbers will be a bit mismatched, but is there any doubt that Oklahoma No. 4 coach Lincoln Riley can take raw talent and take it to new heights? It is a matter of debate whether Hurts is the most prominent player in college football, but he would check the boxes to be a legitimate Heimann candidate.

Mack's attack is back: Have you set Mack Brown's North Carolina 2–0? Stop lying, you didn't. But with two decent wins outside the door, including an exciting fixture at Miami on Saturday, Brown's bowling eligibility for the first season at Chapel Hill is a real possibility. And, hey, ACC Coastal is usually a launch division, right? The Conference of the Year award for the men may be slanted as Cabo's coach, but Brown will have an argument about whether he yearns to progress.

Tennessee is no closer to being oppressive: a sure sign that a troubled program is finding simple ways and questioning how to lose a life. Tennessee did exactly that by overcoming BYU 29–26 in double overtime. The Vols should have defeated BYU 16-13, but inexplicably slept in the final moments allowing a 64-yard pass from Zach Wilson to Micah Simon, setting the Gaggers in a field goal that tied the game. Tennessee made more mistakes than it did, but it could ease the misery of recent years: the inability to shut it down. You can change the quarterback, you can also change the coach, who knows, Jeremy Pruitt may not have the answer, but can change the culture over time. Tennessee is broken, and instructions to fix it may also be for IKEA futon.

Then, about Willie Tegart and Chip Kelly: Man, I underestimated things. Their respective performances of Week 1 can be explained to some extent. Not this week, the Seminoles needed Louisiana-Munro to lose the extra point in extra time to avoid total embarrassment. (Aligning properly and hydrating properly may help more.) Bruce, meanwhile, lost to San Diego State 23-14. As a reference, SDSU scored six points against Weber State in the week. Is it under the rock? Because it seems certain.

Is West Virginia the Worst Team in the Big 12? It is still Kansas, which fell 12-7 off the coast of Carolina. But, have mercy, there aren't many ways to reduce Missouri's 38-7 loss to West Virginia. The game was not as close to the indicated score. Mizzou was 31-0 in the half, and West Virginia finished with .9 yards per run. 'Cannes now has two games for 64 yards and the racing block is a catastrophe. It was not a big surprise that West Virginia supported a season after losing to guys like Will Grier and David Sills, but it was surprising. West Virginia did not belong to the same area as Mizzou: which, we can remind you, lost the week in Wyoming * 1. It's a long season, but do you know what West Virginia is? It seems like 3-9.