29 important events to be held in Seattle this weekend: September 13–15, 2019


Congratulations, you've arrived over the weekend! Throughout the week, we're publishing a list of Seattle events to prepare you for the moment (including cheap and easy weekend events, Friday the 13th and ways to celebrate the best movies to watch this weekend), but we feel ourselves that there is to be classified. To help you, we have selected the most important events for you in each genre, whether you want to go crazy with fermented apples at Washington Cider Week, explore the beautiful flower fields at the Snohomish Sunflower Festival, or Boardrock Good reason to dance in Sagenagar.

Arts and music festival

Bellwether 2019: Taking Roots

This year's art and performance festival feature various locations in the city, from the Belvelt Arts Museum to the Beltway, including the Meidenbauer Center and City Hall. There will be an opening party, pop-up art market, and other special events, along with the work of more than 40 artists on display. A great team of loved ones from the artistic and music scene (SassyBlack, Anthony White, Michele de la Vega, Ellen Ito, Janet Jalore, Elisheba Johnson, Angelina Villalobos, and Johnson Cycle) has served as curators, with the Suttonbercular trio running Huh. do. The general direction of the festival

the reception

The Town Hall, an amazing organization providing cheap and low-cost talks by eminent academics, writers, politicians, musicians, scientists, and others, is pleased to return home after a few years of renovations. To celebrate, they will hold a large number of conferences from everyone, from Marilyn Robinson (Friday) to Ibram x Candy (Saturday) and June Diane Raphael (Sun).
Friday Sunday

Huichica walla walla

This opening concert for all eras in the wine country of Vine Walla features indie-rock and folk artists such as Yo La Tango, Fruit Bats, Destroyer, Waxhite, Titus and Chronicus and many more.
Friday Saturday

Imagine Music and Arts Festival 2019

The mission of this music and arts festival is to "bring a sense of beauty, joy, and wonder to the world, with a little love and kindness." So expect a plethora of artists, trance DJs and fire dancers in contrast to the natural beauty of Do Bay.
Friday Sunday

Issaquah International Film Festival

SIFF is making films in Ankush over the weekend. Watching movies like a sweet and fun Swedish drama about fourth grade, listening vs. listening; KD, Indian drama of road trip; Culture Shock Comedy Back to China; The devastating Mexican fantasy/horror that isn't afraid of tigers; Even more. Best of all, estimates are free!
Saturday Sunday

North Bend Blues Walk 2019

Fourteen venues in North Bend will host local blues events and Big Road Blues, $ Crutch Daddy, Cook Blues Band, Nick Vigarino, Sherry Roberts Grimes and many more visitors.

Washington State Fair

The first days of autumn coincide with the final part of the annual Washington State Fair in Puyallup, which includes family activities such as games and games, carnival food, free music and shows, baby animals, cultural events, competitions production, a line. Offers live. Concerts and more.
Friday Sunday

Cultural festival

Siam festival

This long-lasting Jewish art and music festival includes many specific activities, such as the Challenge Grand Contest and the international Cappella music played by McCabe. This year the new Will & Grace has a come-from Debra Messing (!) And brunch with chef Joel Gamoran.
Friday Sunday

Seattle Center National Holiday

From Mexico to Brazil, experience the various traditions of Latin American countries represented in Washington State and learn how they became independent from Spain. There will be many live presentations, visual arts, food, and a market.
Saturday Sunday

Washington State Fair National Holiday

Celebrate Mexican culture and art with a full day of live performances, including Chicos de la Banda, Mexican folklore Tonjettin, DJ Pippo, Banda Vagos and others.

Japan Vashon Festival

Mukai Farm & Garden will celebrate its newly replicated gardens with fruit processing, tico drums, butoh and modern dance performances (including a Bon Odori community dance), Japanese inspired hot dogs, and more.

Automatic events


Immortalize your Autumn soul by purchasing over 900 pumpkins and glass squash, "pickup" and "scratch glassblowing studio".
Friday Sunday

Snohomish Sunflower Festival

Explore the seven acres of sunflower by foot or car, then visit a beer garden and fresh food. Before leaving, make sure to cut a bouquet of flowers to take home. There will even be a painted photographer for family and personal photographs.
Saturday Sunday

Washington Cider Week 2019

Surprised by cider in about a week, tastings, parties, etc. during a week are so special that it lasts for 11 days. See full schedule elite
Friday night witch market
Milan with an entire month is no more witchcraft than Friday the 13th. Buy your fears by buying from local artisans and mysterious merchants, getting psychic readings and more embrace the savory side.

Food & Beverage

Chinatown-ID Night Market

Traditionally, the night market is a place for walking, shopping, and delicious street food snacks. This annual festival, which attracts more than 25,000 people each year, takes place under the historic Chinatown Gate in the International District and includes large quantities of Asian street food, freshly chopped flowers and pluses along with local products in addition to entertainment products Huh. Which includes live shows. Breakdance Band and Group.

Georgetown Beer Festival 2019

Georgetown, one of Seattle's oldest neighborhoods, incorporates the history of beer: this is where Rainier Beer first began in 1884 and was once the sixth-largest brewery in the world. The inaugural edition of this new festival held in the historic district will celebrate a significant amount of winners in the south end, including Counterbalance Brewing, Elysian Brewing, Flying Lion Brewing, Future Primary Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, Ghostfish Brewing, Jellyfish Brewing, Lowercase Brewing, Huh. Were included. , Machine House Brewery, Perihelion Brewery, Seeping Brewing, and Tin Dog Brewing. Julian Bell

Grilled Cheese Grand Prix 2019

I don't care if you're vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or lactose intolerant: skip your diet, take your Lactaid and go to the Grilled Cheese Grand Prix, which may be the only event for this year. For South Lake Union. There you can melt the bourbon street bob melts, andouille sausage and granny smith combo between the sour pieces and cover them with Beecher and marigold cheese. Or maybe you are looking for something more Canadian. In that case, choose Poutine Grilled Cheese, which includes garlic butter, roasted beef, melted cheddar cheese, mango and cheese curd, and grapes, filled with fries and served with homegrown sauce. Can't Think About Tomorrow; Just eat. Kati Herzog

Meat week

Enjoy an agave-based smoked spirit with a week-long celebration with talks, tastings, special cocktails, pairs and more.
Friday Sunday

Washington Craft Cheese Festival 2019
Fraz Finers, rejoice: In a celebration that celebrates the "Washington Terrier" and benefits from the Washington State Cheesecreamers Association, more than 20 artisan cheese and farmers from across the state will gather to share their creamy products. The lineup features a group of chasmakers and iconic creams such as Beazer, Twin Sisters, Mt. Townsend and more, as well as canned producer girl, meat mess, as well as artisan accompaniments like local beer and wine. The entry includes three flavors of drink and all the cheese your dairy-loving heart desires. Julian Bell

Key assumptions

Avril Lavigne, Jagwar Twin

Fun Fact: Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" 2007 hit music video was the first to reach 100 million views on YouTube. Dig out your favorite Hot Topic T-shirt and catch the Scottish pop-loving princess in Seattle in support of her most recent album, Head Above Water.

Sierra, Sir Mix-A-Lot

Well, I am doing this, I am claiming Ciara as one of ours. And by "our," I mean Seattle. Of course, the singer and dancer legitimately represent her hometown, Atlanta, but since she joined up with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Sierra also spends a lot of time here. Even he owned the Sounders for the love of God. Although he never managed to match his 2004–2006 hit streak ("1,2 Step", "Goodies" and "Like a Boy" —my GOD), Ciara has shown that even after 15 years He will remain in people's eyes. For this date at the fair, you'll join another Seattle legend, Sir Mix-A-Lot. JCE KIMIMIG

Daryl Hall and John Oates

Daryl Hall and John Oates (of Hall and Oates, Neck) will perform without the light rock, Daryl Hall and John Oates (from Hall & Oates, Neitch) legends from the eighties and eternal suppliers of the talk genre.

Original misfits

Original Misfits vocalist Glenn Danzig and original bassist Jerry Only have not completed the rocking. Horror-punk punk parents raised in the 70s would produce successes on this tour stop after opening sets of The Distillers, The Damned and Crow-Mags.

Post Malone, Swe Lee, Tyla Yahwe

Post Malone does hip-hop for those who love pop music and hate hip-hop. Rae Stremard and Tyla Yahway's Sway Lee will join the stop for their runway tour.

SEAchanger: Best Coast, Courtney

The Best Coast and Courtney have all coaxed, surrounded by a cloud of fluffy, female longing and grass. But for a good reason: SEAchanger is a waterfront concert (a partnership between KEXP and Mary's Place) that creates awareness and money for hundreds of people without family shelters in King County. Come show your support for those in our community who need it; Courtney (Vancouver, BC) and Stoner, West Coast (Los Angeles, DUH) tick with surfer animal-inspired power-pop. JCE KIMIMIG


East Ballard Oakcrest

A traditional Oompah band will take you to a number of bowlers offering special food and drinks and Oktoberfest activities. Offer.

Great Wallingford Wurst Festival

This 36-year-old family-centric Oktrapfest-style celebration, featuring bouncy castles and Biergarten alike with food, games, a candy shop and live music.
Friday Saturday

Green Lake Oktoberfest

Green Lake is starting its own Oktrobest tradition with two days of craft beer and Washington cider, German-style food, the Wener Dog Race and live music and dancing.
Saturday Sunday