32 things learned from week 1 of the 2019 NFL season:


1. Say in 'It's 100': The Packers and the Bears resumed the longest rivalry in the league to start Week 1 and the NFL Season 100 ... and delayed 100 years of offensive football. Who knew the game would be like the first club meeting in 1921 when the Chicago Stellis defeated the Pack 20–0 in a game that had more points than a Green Bay 103 victory on Thursday night? Thanks for the recurrence treatment, folks. Hallas and Lambue loved it.

2. If you thought Nate Davis was inactive, think again: he's juggling NFL coverage with 6-week baby coverage. Oh, the rogue of the Titans didn't play the lineman but eventually expects even bigger things from him.

3. Although Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes (378 yards, 3 TD passes) seems like a guy who is scheduled for his MVP League Award, Lamar Jackson from Baltimore (17 carries for 20, 324 yards, 5 % TD, qualification). Pin 1.3.3) has emerged as the 2019 favorite after 1 week

3. Jacksonville Mahomes was the only team in 2018 without a TD pass.

4. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has paid several boys in recent months. You can do this without prioritizing QB Dak Prescott, who recorded the first full passer rating (158.3) of his career while broadcasting 405 yards (Dallas record for a week) and Geojit four TDS with a loss of 35 years. The meter is working, Jerry ... even faster now.

4. Dallas received two title-wing touchdowns (Jason Witten and Blake Jarvin) on Sunday after the last four seasons. It's good to see Witten hitting a rabbit with his head after a year's break with ESPN.

5th. We told you the Chargers would be fine with RB Austin Eckler (3 TDs) as Melvin Gordon's resistance is increasingly affected.

5B But it should be kept in mind that Indianapolis may get the Victory Pillar. It wasn't for a bad "luck": Adam Vinatieri, 46, who lost two FGs and a Pat in overtime, presumably. The worst loss of his career.

6. WR boss Sammy Watkins, who was eight places ahead of Odell Beckham Jr. in 2014, demonstrated why he was the deciding player by setting his career-best results for 198 yards and three touchdowns in Sunday's win. can be made. This could be a major development for Kansas City, depending on how long Lyric Hill has been injured.

7. New boss Day Frank Clarke took a pass on Sunday. He made sure that Jaguar CB Jalan Ramsey, who did not know, knew.

8. Marquessa Brown> Antonio Brown ... play wood if you're with me.

8a. Raven's first attack (and Abby's cousin) opened his career with TD passes from Jackson for 47 and 83 yards, the first time a rogue took two snatchers from more than 40 yards on a single start.

8B Antonio Brown, who was acquired by the Patriots, was, of course, inactive after leaving Oakland.

8C. A retrospect, the Steelers are to be praised for maintaining relative peace whenever they did so with Antonio Brown.

According to reports, according to 20d20, which New England introduced in the off shin for the Abbey, in the 8d counterclockwise, the Steelers should also have gone in the first round.

9. 59 Ravens points were a team record in their win over Miami.

10. The Dolphins, who scored 10 points and finished last in the USA Today Sports Power Rankings since the end of the 2018 season, appear to have determined the team to be ranked 33rd.

10:00 AM. According to Ilyas, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's appearance for the Finns made him the first man to debut with eight different teams in NFL history. Although Fitzpatrick would remain at the center in Week 2, he looked like a man who could easily raise his record in 2020.

11. The Bengals had all the excuses to see Miami: no A.J. Green, without Cordy Glenn, who hits Mixon, wins almost anyone in Seattle. But Cincinnati was quite capable at the start by coach Zac Taylor when QB Andy Dalton threw for 418 yards, and WR John Ross eventually went into the loss as a dangerous weapon (7 catches, 158 yards, 2 TDs). Be seen were looking

11A. The Bengals' loss gave Seahawks coach Pete Carroll a win over each NFL team.

12. The Giants' first-round QB, Daniel Jones, debuted in a mop role on Sunday ... and lost the ball.

13. Ram DT DT Aaron Donald, who was recently voted the best player in the league by his teammates, agreed on an NFL Network poll, has another slow start. Donald walked out of the sack at the start of all of his seasons, with Sunday's holiday, except for the 2015 campaign. He took 7 catches in his career on 16 September but averaged 0.83 catches per game in the rest of his career.

14. If Todd Gurley is really healthy and not working on the pitch count, then why did the Ram star get only 15 touches on Sunday, basically what his Panthers counterpart Christian McCaffrey (29) got?

15. Beat Cam Newton ... Later, Ram Jared Goff's QB NumbPinned the No. 1 all-time total against the Suns. No wonder he received a record guarantee of $ 110 million.

15th Newton averaged just 6.3 yards for a one-day low for Sun, one yard below his career average. Keep an eye on that shoulder (and fresh throwing motion).

16. Johnny Hecker, who could eventually become the best gambler in NFL history, gave L.A. Ram faced his first blocked kick. He received two clearances in his previous life as San Luis Ram.

17. I hate Nick Foles (clavicle fracture), who was only making the fourth start of Week 1 of his career and first as the Jags' new leader. Get well soon, sir.

17 However, Robbie QB Gardner Minshaw, who supported Foles in Jacksonville, looked almost as good as his stunning mustache in relief.

Leonard Fournette, 17B The Jaguars RB, had never lost a loose ball in his NFL career until Sunday.

18. Brons quarterback Baker Mayfield tied his career record with three ints with a 4313 loss to Tennessee on Sunday. According to @NFLResearch, it was the first time Mayfield High School suffered a loss of 30 points after starting quarterback.

18. Even with Beckham on board (7 catches for 71 yards on his Cleveland debut), the Browns failed to win their first game of the season since 2004.

MORE: The Titans spoiled the Brown Party, suggesting that preparations could be made in Nashville

19. Congratulations to the 35-year-old DE Titans Te Delani Walker, who missed the most with a terrible ankle injury last season, but returned on Sunday to catch two touchdowns for the third time in his 14-year career.

20. New coach (Bruce Arians), James Winston himself (3 INTs). Winston now has 79 turnovers in 57 NFL games.

20 a. The 49ers, who completed three of the Winston failures, had two INTs for TDs, two INTs in the 2018 season.

21. In his first NFL action in more than 600 days, the RB Le 'Von Bell Jets became the first NFL player to overcome 8,000 yards in only 63 games. However, despite a total of 92 yards, Bell's new team fell on Sunday, scoring the only TD (and 2-point conversion) in New York.

22. New ILB C.J. after Moseley left the game due to a back injury. The jets were overthrown. He came on his way to Defensive Player of the Week honors after scoring in a Josh Allen pick-six and recovering a loose ball in his New York debut.

22nd, the Jets kick game may be your biggest problem. Coward Vedwick lost both attempts (PAT and FG) in a 17–16 loss and this team, which allowed pro bowler Jason Myers to sign with Seattle in the offshoot, is not enough to oppose special teams.

22B Meanwhile, Vedwick Buffalo counterpart Steven Hoschka never failed in seven matches at MetLife Stadium (12 out of 12 in FG, 12 out of 24 in PAT).

23. Perhaps the bile, who dropped the shadowy McCoy on a day of lack, should involve more of the rookie RB Devin Singlet. He ran 70 yards in just four carries, while the rest of the team averaged 58 yards in 21 attempts.

24. There was a margin of rotation of Buffalo's minus four but still won, before the Jets recovered a loose ball on the final frustration play. You never know in the NFL.

25. It took Kylar Murray the 2019 No. 1 draft pick, three good quarters, to find his balance in an NFL field ... but once he saved a draw with Detroit, we could see what Murray would do. Can be special.

However, given that Murray failed to win, Houston's David Carr (in 2002) became the last quarterback to debut with a first win.

25B Murray's presentation marked the twelfth consecutive season that a rookie quarterback started somewhere in the league during Week 1.

26. Lions TE T.J. Hockenson, who was the best-chosen player in his place since Vernon Davis in 2006, originally didn't need time for the NFL to win, catching six balls for 131 yards and scoring on his professional debut. His first NFL game has any tight end accumulating so many yards. Hockenson's calling card is like a blocker.

26th Davis still has it ...
26B. In addition to Hawkinson, three other crooks: Marcus Brown, A.J. From Tennessee. Brown and Terry McLaurin of Washington, each registered at least 100 receiving yards in their opening NFL games.

27. Washington RB Adrian Peterson was a healthy scratch Sunday for the first time in his career. The Redskins went for 28 yards, averaging 2.2 carries per carrying, in a five-point loss to Philly without him. Welp.

27a. It is worth noting that there was no perennial Pro Bowl LT Trent Williams in the skins. However, the new QB case Keenum looked quite comfortable (380 yards, 3 TD passes), almost upset by the Eagles only once.

28. WR Sean Jackson made a stunning comeback in Philadelphia, scoring a pair of touchdowns for more than 50 yards, a historic record for at least 50 yards of his 31 career, or only Jerry Rice for 100 times. 36) did it by defeating. On opening day, tying the league mark of Michael Irwin.

29. Vikings QB Kirk CousinsSet as a career starter for the brother's pass attempts (10), completions (8) and yards (98), but his team was held in Atlanta by RB Dalvin Cook (111 yards per earth, 2 touchdowns). Trailed by 28–12. You know, Coach Mike Zimmer was bright inside.

30) Easton doesn't matter, does it? You wonder if the BS, Packers, Browns, Eagles (they had a terrible first half) and the Cardinals (they had a terrible three quarters) would have given things a different way from what they fought in Week 1.

As expected on the 30th, it was not a clear football weekend, with seven of the 13 matches judged by at least 14 points on Sunday, including several very ugly blowouts.

31. So, if the Patriots are 30 points better than Pittsburgh at Opening Night, and New England is playing last September, what a slow start Antonio Brown will make after joining the lineup before scoring. .. not to mention the return of Gronk (wink)? It has been 15 years since the last Super Bowl replay, yes, the 2004 Patriots, but the results of the NFL century season suddenly seem quite inevitable, although 253 games have not been played yet.

32. Dear mother, I am writing to you from the roof in a sad state, listening to the echo of cannon fire as it rolls through the bush. @ CaptAndrewLuck's feet survived the ranks, but he certainly cared about the fate of the men and Major Brissett, despite their deserved commissions on the battlefield, while they waited for news but feared they would bolt. We were ambushed in the river. Does Andrew take off his epaulets soon, mother?