An Ohio woman who buried her newborn baby in the backyard was found not guilty of murder


An Ohio woman accused of killing her newborn daughter and burying it in her backyard in Carlisle found her guilty of abusing a body.

Brooke Skylar Richardson, 20, was found not guilty for homeopathy, involuntary mansorrel, and minors endangerment.
He will be sentenced on Friday for misusing a body and facing a prison sentence of up to one year.

When the verdict was read on Thursday, Richardson littered her in handcuffs before exiting the room.
The baby was found 2 months after delivery.
According to the aide, Richardson gave birth to her child in her room on the night of May 7, 2017, when she was 18 years old.
Annabelle made the call two months after the child's birth, with researchers finding that the skeleton lay in a shallow grave, which according to the affiliate was placed on a flower by Richardson.
The sheriff's office launched an investigation that led to the remains being found after being shown to her doctor's office, where a pregnancy test was performed, without a child, prosecutors said in the final argument.
Prosecutors said that when the doctor asked her, she began to cry bitterly, stating that the child was not alive during the child's birth and buried her in the backyard.
Prosecutors took a photo of a teenage girl who was in a new relationship at the time and did not want anything to do with the child or man she had become pregnant with. She claimed that she killed the child after giving birth at midnight, believing that she would have no future as a mother.
Prosecuting Officer Steve Nippon told this month's gambler that Brooke Richardson cried after learning that she was a child who had no reason to become pregnant and told her doctor that she would not get
He said that the prosecution showed him a picture of him in court a few hours after giving birth and that he had sent a message to his mother.
According to Nippon, the text message said, "My stomach is back. OMG. Never, never, never, never, never again. You're gonna make me look better than ever."
But his defense team said that there is no evidence that the child was born alive. Richardson states that Annabelle neither walked nor breathed when she was born.
"They buried their daughter and marked the grave with flowers from above. They did not throw it in the trash. They did not throw it in the dumper," said defense lawyer Charlie Ritters, according to the affiliate. "He had been living under this dark cloud for the past two years. Frankly, I had a bad dream."
Richardson took no place in his defense.