Bears vs Redskins: Channel, bears, game selection, what to know for 'Monday Night Football'


Week 3's version of Monday Night Football is a bit unbreakable. Unlike other games in Week 3, it does not have a backup quarterback to start. Unlike other games in Week 3, it does not span more than 20 points. Unlike other Week 3 games, it does not feature a pair of high-flying criminals.

This is a regular NFC clash between the two teams to route their season. The Chicago Bears have survived the first two weeks with a 1-1 record despite being incredibly disappointing, especially on the offensive. Washington is 0-2 with two divisional defeats, and its defense is different.

Michelle Trubisky and company can. Some launches, or will Case Keenum and the boys get angry? Let's analyze things.

Bear in redskin

  • Date: Monday, 23 September
  • Time: 8:15 pm. ET
  • TV Channel: ESPN
  • Odds: Beer - 5.5, O / U 41 (via Sportsline)

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When the bear has the ball

Things are not right for the Chicago Bears offense. This is a team with only 19 points in two games and a final-second field goal in Week 2 is needed to reach that total. Anything that has led to this aggression has been an almost total setback, but the proper place to start an investigation is, no doubt, with Michelle Trubisky.

By all means, a quarterback can go back, apparently Trubisky. Your entire percentage has fallen. The average yardage per attempt is well below you. He has not launched a touchdown. He is carrying more bags. He has not done many big plays. (He has only 3 of 11 for 74 yards and is an interception in deep shots according to Pro Yard Focus). It is a bad disaster (7-20, 48 yards, INT) when under pressure. And he is still not moving his feet for any of it as he has only four carries for 19 yards in two games.

Maybe this week's game gives you a chance to not be on track. The Eagles and Cowboys dashed Washington's defense during their first two games, allowing Carson Wentz and DAC Prescott to combined for 694 passes (78.3 percent) for 574 yards (8.3 per attempt, six annotations and just one). Allowed from. Allowed to complete the total. Blocking, which came on a passing passage. Cornerbacks Josh Norman, Jimmy Moreland, and Aaron Colvin are all able, who under their direction can get a passer rating of 147.9 or higher in shots.

Norman may or may not receive full-time parallel duty on Alan Robinson, who looked excellent in Week 1, but as expected, he returned to Earth last week amid Trubisky's struggles. Norman did not pursue Amari Cooper, where he went last week, although he spent a lot of time covering the Cowboys star. However, in another click, Devin Smith smoked it for a deep touch. And he was strictly armed in the open country by Prescott. This is not a good start to the season for Norman.

But if the first two games are a sign, Robinson is basically Washington's only threat to this team to worry about. Trubisky has 11 of 11 carries for 143 yards, throwing 31 52 pitches for other receivers, but a miser for 205 yards. Runners Yard Cohen and Mike Davis took 17 catches for 73 yards. he's mad.

However, the Bears may be more successful on the ground, as they have so far been beset by Washington defense injuries. Stud's interior lineman Jonathan Allen is likely to miss his second straight game, while linebacker Reuben Foster has ended the year after breaking his ACL and LCL in short-season workouts. Opponents have led 65 times for 336 yards and scored two against Washington in two games, and are allowing 4.53 adjusted line yards per attempt by football outsiders. The Chicago offensive line hasn't really been a roadside qualifying group in a clash with the Packers and Broncos, but they could probably be launched on Monday night.

When Washington has the ball

It looks like we'll have to start with rookie wide receiver Terry McLaurin, who is on his way to a great debut season. He has 10 hits for 187 yards in two matches and has scored in each of his matches. It seems to be a great roadrunner. He has good body control and excellent hands. And he has quickly earned the confidence of his quarterback. All these things are great signs for their development. Oh, and he also believes he has the confidence of his next quarterback as Dwayne Haskins is his former partner at the university. (Side note: Doesn't it seem that a group of Ohio State recipients is better than university professionals?)

Washington has moved McLaurin slightly through the formation, so he feels he sees equal amounts of Kyle Fuller, Prince Amukamara and Buster Skreen in coverage. Beers play with his corners, Fuller with 99 percent of punches in his left corner, Amukamara with 99 percent in his right corner, and Skrein in the 94 percent slot. This has not changed under new defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano, who took over the late Vic Fungio. (Fangio is now the Broncos head coach).

Slant is clearly the weakest link in the trio, so the Trey Quinn slot may be online for greater participation in the goal. He has taken eight catches in two matches, although those catches have won for only 69 yards. Unfortunately, Washington will not have Jordan Reed, whose career is in jeopardy due to repeated play. Vernon Davis continues to fill the space he still has when he enters the open field, as he showed in Week 1. Jimmy Graham hit the Bears for three catches for 30 yards and scored in Week 1, while Noah's combination was superb for 54 yards in Week and 2 and Jeff Heuerman caught eight of nine goals, so it's possible. That Davis is also heavily involved in this confrontation.

Keenum has been trying to pass the ball at an average of only 2.52 seconds so far for the PFF. It is also good because the offensive talent leftist is operating without Trent Williams. He was pushing 35 percent of his kicks despite that fastpitch, and that could mean a lot of trouble against the passing race with Khalil Mack, Akeem Hicks, Leonard Floyd, and Rushman Roy Robertson-Harris. Mac has his running through the first two games to the left and right of the timeline, but he should not have a positive confrontation, where he strikes on Monday night.

And an even bigger problem for Washington's offensive line will likely be in the running game, where they are fighting if we want to be incredibly kind to things. This is a team with 30 carries for 75 yards in two games. They rank in the league in 29 hard line yards, 31 open-field yards per load, and 32 second-level yards per load. The longest team race of the season is only 10 yards, and he has run behind the scrimmage line in six of those 29 runners. This is a team eager to establish The Run as it is the philosophy of the coaching staff but has not yet done so. It's hard to see that change on Monday night.