Cher 73 dives into a purple jumpsuit and Waterloo at the end of AGT.


She is still there! The music icon, Cher, took the stage AGT to perform the classic song "Waterloo" and looked awesome with the Purple Monkey.

Cher, 73, was one of several actors to take the stage during the end of AGT season 14. The music legend presented a version of the 1974 ABBA song "Waterloo" with backup dancers and was perfect from start to finish. Cher is probably 73 years old, but she is still one of the best performers. You can't close your eyes. His voice is still perfect today.

As expected, Cher's ensemble for the end of America's Got Talent was completely Cher. Fashionista fascinated her with a purple jumpsuit, which had a deep neck. The dress also included beautiful silver jewelry. Her platinum blonde hair was combed in big waves for acting. A very amazing look from head to toe.

The Grammy winner is set to debut the next leg of his We Go Again tour. He made his next appointment for a concert in Portland on 19 November. The tour will run until December 19 with its final concert in Dallas. It will also launch a perfume on 4 November. Earlier this year, Cher surprised everyone when she gave a surprise performance at the Met Gala 2019. She performed "Waterloo" and her own classics "Believe" and "If I Come Back Time".

At the end of season 14, Macklemore, Leona Lewis, Billy Ray Cyrus, Cago and many other artists also performed. Judge Julian Hoff released his new single "Transform" and V. Also performed Dance with Unbeatable. Blind and autistic singer Cody Lee was named season 14 champion. America's Got Talent has been renewed for season 15. The new season is likely to air on May 2020. AGT: The champions will return in January 2020.