Cowboys vs. Redskins final score, conclusion: Dak Prescott suffered double loss, Josh Norman with no resistance


It was a game that the Washington Redskins had to have, but the Dallas Cowboys wanted it more. After Week 1 the two teams had a trend in different directions, the latter being on a 0–2 hole after a 17–0 lead against the Philadelphia Eagles; While the former did a quick and bloody job of the New York Giants with hardly any sweat.

Upon entering Week 2's fight as a favorite on the FedEx Field, the Cowboys seemed to do anything but start the game. However, they could eventually get things done, and the Redskins couldn't do much to stop them once they did.

Let us now have a look at some of the major findings of another divisional game in the books.

Why did the Cowboys win?

At first, they looked a bit harsh, but once Duck Prescott successfully targeted Josh Norman and enlarged the area in the process, everything opened up. Prescott exposed his true nature of the double threat, and Redskin had no reaction.

Why did the Redskins get lost?

Without the initial defensive tackles, Jonathan Allen and cornerback Quinton Dunbar started, a passing race that disappeared very quickly and Redskins High School found that they had taken a shootout against the Cowboys' talented wide receiver and off-wing body Brought a knife. From there, it was simply Elliot who paid him for overcompensation to stop the pass.

Return point

There were a few games in the game that I could point to as one that likely turned in the Cowboys' favor, but none had any effect on the speed change as Prescott's 51-yard touchdown from 6 to 10 With wide receiver Devine Smith. In the first half. The game later tied 7-7 with a Brett Maher point assist and a 21-point burst as the Redskins did not reply.

Play the game

While Smith's touchdown was the critical point at which the Redskins began to lose control, it was not until Prescott started the 42-yard run of the entire race that it became clear that the Cowboys would probably win the game. The play also took place in the second quarter, and minutes after Smith's touchdown bomb. He broke that particular unit, and Prescott finished with a touchdown to give Jason Witten 14–7 points before finishing it.

Josh Who?

"I heard it, but I won't let it be an inspiration to me," Prescott said after winning the recent comments made by Josh Norman via Charen Williams of Pro Football Talk. "I have enough things that inspire me and keep me going. Anyone who says good or bad about me is not like that, especially when you're not on this team."

What will happen next?
The Cowboys will now head to their home in North Texas and prepare to tour the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, September 22 at 1 p.m. ITS T. Redskins will have a beer at 8:15 am on Monday 23 September.