Duck Prescott gets perfect pin rating as Cowboys Slice Giants


ARLINGTON, Texas - Dak Prescott and the Cowboys did not agree to an extension of the contract before the start of the season.

That didn't stop the Dallas quarterback from illuminating the Giants on Sunday. Prescott earned a perfect passer rating (158.3) with 405 yards and four scores, as the Cowboys outscored the Giants with a 35–17 win.

Three things have been learned here:

1. Dak Prescott is not playing distracted

Prescott told reporters on Thursday that he "clearly" wants to see his expansion. But "my focus is on veterans," Prescott said. "Defending the Giants, what will this team have to do to win the game and then next week we go to the next opponent."

On Sunday, he backed the claim, running more than average yards (256) in the entire game last season (242.8). He ran twice for 14 yards. And he used his weapon set with mastery.

The quarterbacks had seven different Cowboys caught with Michael Gallup and Amari Cooper, each of whom crossed the 100-yard mark. First-year coordinator Kellen Moore's plan was effective for a team that often stayed in the Red Zone last season.

2. Jason Witten: Are you still a giant killer?

The 37-year-old tight end of the Cowboys caught his sixteenth touchdown of the race against the Giants. Witten, playing his first game since December 2017, caught three passes for a total of 15 yards. Spring's questions arose when Witten decided to leave ESPN's "Monday Night Football" stand to meet with the Cowboys in a one-year contract. Witten has said that she feels good and that she won't be a real cheerleader again: she wants to help the aggressor.

On his debut, he did. And his presence did not convey to tight end Blake Jarvin, who was promising for the Cowboys last year, including a three-touchdown performance in Week 17 against the Giants. Jarvin scored the first goal for Dallas on Sunday, giving him four touchdowns in his career against the Giants and the last two Cowboys games.

3. Cowboy D starts slow, jumps

Saison Barclay cut the Giants with a 59-yard run to end the Cowboys defense, setting up a 1-yard touchdown reception from tight end Evan Engram. But the Cowboys D did not allow another touchdown until 2:49 in the last quarter.

Two-time Pro Bowl defenseman and DeMarx Lawrence returned from an off-season shoulder surgery with an active day in which he covered Giants quarterback Eli Manning for a third-quarter throw-in. Lennon Vander Esch's harassment of Manning resulted in a deliberate grounding penalty for killing another unit veterans. Safety deep Jeff Heath and cornerback Jordan Lewis hit a pass in the end zone.

Next: The Cowboys visit Washington in Week 2 for their second NFC Eastern performance. Washington fell to 32-27 on Sunday.