Eddie Money, singer of "Two Tickets to Paradise", died in the 70s


Eddie Money, prolific singer, and songwriter whose songs "Baby Hold On", "To Ticket to Paradise", "Shakin" and "Take Me Home Tonight" included popular 1980s music, on Friday (September 13) has expired. I was 70 years old.

A statement by his family said: “The Mani family regrets that Eddie passed away peacefully this morning. With a heavy heart, we say goodbye to our loving husband and father. We cannot imagine our world without it. We are grateful to him that he will live forever through his music. "

Recently, Mani revealed that he was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer.

"Real Money", a reality television series about Paisa and his family, aired on AXS TV until April 2018. He spent his life at home, on the road, and with his family, about his health problems.

The money made its home in the Bay Area in the 1970s, where it worked regularly at city clubs. In MTV's early years, he saw great success on the list with songs such as "Baby Hold On" and "To Ticket to Paradise" and in 1986, "Take Me Home Tonight", a duet with Ronnie Spector. His biggest radio hit was. He signed with Columbia Records and released 11 albums throughout his career, beginning in 1977 with his own title, which saw three lists of songs, "Baby Hold On," "To Ticket to Paradise" and "You R. Really Hold. "About Me."

Born in Brooklyn, New York as Edward Joseph Mahan, who grew up on Long Island, originally started law enforcement, his father's profession spent two years as a New York City police officer, music in Berkeley, California Spent before deciding. To the west, he entertained local musicians from the San Francisco club scene, taking him to famed promoter Bill Graham, whom Money met in 1976. Graham became Money's manager, helping him obtain a multi-platinum album. Sales in the 1980s.

Hit Money's arsenal includes 1978's "Baby Hold On" (top spot on the US list: No. 11) and "Two Tickets to Paradise" (No. 22), followed by next year's "Maybe I'm a Fool" (No. 22), "Think I'm In Love" (No. 16) and "Shakin" (No. 63) in 1982, "Take Me Home Tonight" in 1986, which peaked at No. 4 (their best song brand). And "Walk on Water" (No. 9) in 1988.

During that decade, Money also fell into drug and alcohol abuse, almost dying from an overdose that left him unable to walk for a year.

Finally, working for live play, Money 2016's "Oprah: Are You Now?" Appeared in the episode of. It led to the series "Real Money", which debuted on AXS TV in 2018 and was in its second season.

Sometimes there was a dispute over money. Recently, not by his own work, music industry expert Bob Left protested the crack during a talk at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, calling it anti-Semitism. Money explained to Rolling Stone: "I said: It seems like my wife always looks like a million dollars and I spend so much money hating clothes. She's a Jew to me." And when I said that, because my mother is Jewish, Bob didn't realize it and mentioned it [in his popular newspaper]. They thought I was an Irish Catholic, Polish or German or something, and suddenly they said that it was antagonistic. -Semitic ... It was a misunderstanding and I thought it was a joke because I had Jewish blood on it. "

Nothing, Money's music was essentially considered blue-collar, leading him to be featured in "The King of Queens" in 2002, where he chose his hit films for friend and star Kevin James.

Also known for his comic form, in his music videos and interviews, he stated last year that despite his series of successful songs, "he lost the boat when he arrived in bulk." Offensively, Mani concluded a conversation with Rai: "The children are not in jail, they are not in rehab, no one has destroyed the car this week and still has milk in the refrigerator." I have had a good month. "

He is survived by his wife Laurie and his five children, his daughter Jessie Money and his sons Zachari, Joseph, Desmond, and Julian.

AX Cub TV founder Mark Cuban said: "We are deeply saddened to lose the incomparable Eddie wealth. Eddie was a true American native and a rock legend from beginning to end. His enduring successes were the voice of generations of fans, and his unique Gah has captivated everyone. We have sincerely enjoyed working with him and all his talented family on his reality show "Real Money", and we are proud of him. Annie expresses her deepest condolences to Laurie; her sons Zach, Jessie, Joe, Dez, and Julian; and her many friends during this difficult time. Everyone who knew and loved her will miss her dearly. But, if we know Eddie, he's rocking in heaven right now, which he always loved. "