Friday 13 full moon: Tonight's harvest moon is rare and an unfortunate day


The full moon of September, known as the "harvest moon", will soon shine in the night sky.

13 September 2019, will bring all kinds of fun.

The Full Moon of September, known as the "Harvest Moon", falls on the 13th Friday of this year, a rare event that brings with it many scary assumptions.

According to the Farmers' Almanac, today's moon will be the first full moon to appear in America. you you. 13 October 2000 to Friday 13 Friday. The next is not expected to happen again on 30 August, on 13 August 2049.

Friday the 13th is considered bad. Many people trace the Bible to the reputation where Christ ate with the 12 apostles, including Judas, who betrayed him. Thirteen people were on the table, lending their unfortunate numbers.

The reputation of the day is so bad that fear has a name of its own: triskedacophobia.

There is something more unique about this harvest moon: the name given to the nearest full moon on the autumn equinox (23 September).

According to the Kisan Panchang, the full moon of this year is also the "full moon of the divided time zone". If you live in the Eastern time zone, the time when the Moon is full is after midnight on Saturday, September 14 at 12:33 pm. For people in the city, mountain, or Pacific time zone, when the Moon becomes 13, it will be full before midnight on Friday.

The last time on 13 June 2014 was the full moon split time zone.