Here is the best Borderland 3 character for solo players


I am going to write a lot about Borderlands 3, now we are here on launch day taking advantage of our first two weeks with the game. One question I have received more than ever is from people who think about what is the best class or character to play alone. Apparently, Borderlands is one of the last great cooperative shooters who also use split-screens, and occasionally enjoys playing with friends or teams of parties. And yet, it is likely that many people are committed to at least their first solo career, because well, not everyone has the ability to fully synchronize a campaign of more than 25 hours between friends.

I will say in advance that I definitely believe that it is possible to separate the campaign with any character. I haven't reached the 50+ ultra-final levels of the game yet, so the individual equation may change in the future, but my point is that if you really want to use a character, this guide should stop you needed. do not give. I've only played with four and it's possible, it's just that some characters seem better than others when it comes to their solo abilities.

Therefore, the list here starts with the best one.

1. FL4K

I will not put you in suspense here. Borderland 3 has possibly the best single character, with half the players saying they would be acting. As expected, a pet-based class is useful for players to play without another friend or two. Pets for FL4K is not an active skill, it is always present until it is killed in battle, but you can revive it yourself or wait again to cool down again.

A pet is good for many reasons, first of all, it damages the tank for you. There are many skills that make FL4K really harm your pet, which further increases the ability to survive, and a higher level of pet skill can also mean they are having a solid DPS in combat Huh. It even has a skill that will try to revive its pets when it gets into a fight.

But even outside the pet, FL4K has different capabilities that are useful for single players, such as a good amount of health regeneration and at least one tree that allows them to become invisible to combat. All of this combines to make FL4K an incredibly solid single selection and my number one choice.

2. Zen

However, I did not do the main FL4K in my first game. Conversely, I met Zayn, who I think is a very close second here. Zayn is the only character who can use two different action skills at the same time, one of his three. It has a holographic clone, a tracking drone, and a shield. At least two of the three essentially work as pets, although they are quieter when they have acting skills. Like FL4K pets, you can share damage with a clone and it will serve as a focal point of fire for enemies. The final step is an update of the tree that allows the clone to keep a copy of its weapon, meaning that it can eventually cause serious damage as well.

The next drone lasts longer, but lasts longer, although it can do things like regenerate your shield by eliminating enemies in addition to doing damage. I also found a skilled mode that has the ability to fully restore its duration or kill, meaning I can find it incredibly often because I'm lucky.

In fact, I really like the shield, not necessarily because of its protective abilities (although it helps), but because it provides massive bonuses when it comes to speed, damage, regeneration, recharging everything. Comes to Close to it, and in this tree are my favorite in-game skills, which allows Xan (and his supporting friends) to freeze enemies with repeated critical shots. Mati does, which is the best game ever, proved by my skill. This is a very solid choice for solo players, and I loved my time with him.

3. Amara

Amara is a difficult task with a solid focus on close combat in many trees, so you can see that it can be a bit ... problematic when it comes to playing singles. Knowing enemies individually and above is quite dangerous in a game where you can search with a shotgun or a rogue pair, so it has a high risk, a high reward, and I'd say high caliber. Limit exceeds one result. At least alone.

However, she has many skills that are a lot of fun with her, and I enjoyed using her as my second most played character, although I am single. She can specify an entire wild amount of health regeneration and damage reduction, which makes her beyond the tank for all melee. And besides, he also has a skill that only ... directly gives him another life every two minutes. As you will automatically get the health and full shield and will leave another wind with a nova of Shakti. This is a great skill, but it also shows that Gearbox understood that their playing style means you can die more than most. Shai is not an alternate sniper.

4. Compress

Perhaps some people here disagree about socks for the last time, but I think this is where it should be. I don't think he's the worst "character, I really like him a lot, but I think he's the least prepared for a solo game. The only pet skill you have is to let your robot use it. After allows to remain in automatic mode for a while, but not too much.

Its only defensive tree revolves around the benefits of its shield, which is good, but I think it makes it the lowest defensive class of the game, which is not ideal for games alone. I would say that this could be the best offensive class in the game with its crazy mechanical damage and my favorite weapon-based skills, such as the ability to shoot while running. He is very funny, don't get me wrong, but it definitely looks like he should be part of a team unit rather than going it alone. But at least for a normal difficulty game, even if you choose it, I think you'll be fine.

I don't think there is any weak link to the series here in Borderland. 3. I had fun with all of them, and I can't really say the same about previous games (I wasn't a great Turret soldier.) There may be something less useful at the end of the game when everything is a very serious business, but you can have fun with them all for a long time before worrying about it. And remember, you will see one drop for all classes during your game, so you will definitely create more than one character. But for pure alone? These are my suggestions.