Patriot opener Antonio Brown accuses former coach in rape case


A woman accused an NFL star in Florida of three counts of sexual abuse.

New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown was charged with sexual assault, including forcible rape, by his former coach in a federal lawsuit filed in Florida on Tuesday.

Brown, 31, allegedly hired gymnast Brittany Taylor, whom she wanted to go to Central Michigan University, according to a lawsuit she filed in southern trainer Florida on June 2017 and was spotted by 28-year-old NBC News Taylor Was. Brown sexually assaulted her twice that month and again on May 2018.

In a statement on Tuesday night, Brown's attorney Darren Hettner denied all charges against his client.

"Brown denied every one of the charges in the lawsuit," Hitner said in a statement. "He will seek all legal remedies not only to clarify his name but also to protect other professional athletes against false accusations."

In June 2017, Brown allegedly took Taylor to his home in Pittsburgh for a training trip and did not reserve a hotel, the lawsuit alleges. Taylor said that Brown exposed his penis while dressing in the bathroom of his home.

When Taylor covered her eyes and tried to leave the bathroom, Brown allegedly grabbed her and kissed her without her consent, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that Taylor was "forced to ignore the episode, hoping to maintain a professional relationship with the then Pittsburgh Steelers player."

Later that month, Brown allegedly attacked Taylor again while the couple watched a religious service on their iPad on a training trip in Miami.

The lawsuit states that Mrs. Taylor began masturbating behind Brown, regardless of the religious video. "Before she knew or understood what was happening, Brown said of her."

Taylor alleged that Brown claimed text message incidents, calling her a "weak bitch" in the screenshot included in the lawsuit.

The 28-year-old gymnast cut off contact with Brown after the incident, until she approached him in 2018 to apologize, according to the lawsuit. He began working for Brown again in April 2018, training him during the off-season weekend.

Taylor alleged that in May 2018, a month after returning to work with Brown, an NFL player raped her after a night out with friends at a club in Miami. He allegedly sent Brown and another football player to Brown's home at night and went to use the bathroom when the attack occurred, according to the lawsuit.

She alleged in the lawsuit that Brown asked to speak with her in her room and after talking for a few minutes, Brown released her and threw her on the bed while trying to leave her. Taylor accused Brown of forcibly raping her when she tried to physically fight him and say no.

"Although he had to return to Miami to retrieve some personal belongings, he stopped working for Brown after that."

His lawyer David L. In a statement given by Haas to NBC News, Taylor stated that the decision to speak up was an incredibly difficult decision.

"I have gained confidence in my family, on my family and in the stories of survivors of sexual abuse," Taylor said in the statement. "Speaking of it erases the shame I felt during the last year and it has been violated by my responsible person."

Haas declined to comment on whether Taylor had contacted police about an alleged attack.

Hitner said Taylor contacted Brown in 2017 to ask a wide receiver for "investment" of $ 1.6 million in a commercial project and cut contact after Brown refused. The lawyer also claims that Taylor contacted Brown again in 2018 and offered to coach him for the next season.

The lawyer said, "Later, the prosecutor entered into a personal relationship with Mr. Brown." "Any intercourse with Mr. Brown was completely agreed upon."

Brown officially signed with the New England Patriots on Monday afternoon after being released a few days earlier by the Oakland Raiders to engage in a heated debate with team general manager Mike Maycock.

The Patriots said they were aware of the charges against Brown on Tuesday.

"We are aware of the civil lawsuit filed against Antonio Brown today, as well as the response of Antonio's representatives," the team said in a statement. “We take these allegations very seriously. Under no circumstances does this organization tolerate sexual violence or aggression. The league has informed us that they will investigate. We have no further comment while being investigated. "

The NFL said in a statement that they would investigate the matter and were unaware of the allegations until the news report was published on Tuesday night.