Pineiro drills FG 53 yard to lift 'emotional' bear


Denver - Chicago Bears kicker Eddy Pineiro scored a 53-yard field goal when time expired and gave Chicago a 16–14 win over the Denver Broncos.

Pineiro finished the game 3 from 3 in field goal attempts, including a 52-yard conversion in the second.

"It felt different. It was an emotional kick," Pineiro later said. "With everything I've been through. The whole kicking situation. Augusta's silence. Media, all accumulating."

Byers (1-1) was 1 of 2 on 50-yard field goals last season. The last time two 50-yard field goals in a single game occurred at the Oakland Raiders in 2011, according to ESPN Stats and Information in Chicago.

The Bears decided on Pineiro to replace Cody Parky after a thorough out-of-the-box search that at one time included nine kickers at the club's annual Rookie minicamp in May.

The Bears traded for Pineiro in the spring after spending last year on their Oakland Raiders reserve list of injuries.

"I like to encourage good people and he is a good person," said Byers coach Matt Negi. "He struggled hard to get to this point. He listened to the coaches, he trusted himself and teammates who believe in him. Good things happen to good people. To win the game 42 Yards, 52 yards, 53. You cannot invent. That. "

Pineiro, 24, is perfect for season 4 after thwarting his only effort in last week's season opener loss to the Green Bay Packers.

"Every time you enter a new man, you want to see if that particular player has a 'dog' on him, which means that he doesn't care, just go there and look at that person. Compete for, ”the Bears cornerback said. Prince Amukamara "During training camp, OTA, we just saw that in Eddy. There is always snow in his veins. When someone was lost, he didn't shake it."

Bears guard Kyle Long compared the victorious field goal of the Pineiro game with a previous 58-yard loss to the Houston Texans in Week 1 by Wilt Lutz of the New Orleans Saints.

"The other 30 teams that were not involved that week saw that video. We said that before Eddie hit the ground for that winning kick, why not us?" Long said.