Roswell Non-Profit Piano Attends Pianos for Peace


The non-profit organization Senior Citizens donated a hand-painted piano for the annual Pianos for the Peace Festival from 1 to 22 September.

The Piano for Peace Festival is an annual event that highlights community arts and makes art accessible to all. A total of 88 hand-painted and donated pianos will be displayed around the Atlanta metro so that everyone can play and enjoy. After the festival, all pianos will be donated to Atlanta public schools, nursing homes, health centers, and community centers.

As part of this program, SEL will receive one of these pianos and members will receive donations and access to hand-painted pianos for education and musical enjoyment.

SEL's piano artist, Jenny Carmichael, said: "With her inspiration, SEL has come to light in my life and in the lives of hundreds of old people." Its design represents light in many ways, including light bulbs, with new ideas, candles to impart light and wisdom, and the sun to illuminate our days.

Personnel, a retired research scientist and instructor at SEL, is a member of the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance and has exhibited paintings in many of its locations. She has been active in SEL for ten years and plans to teach how to draw in the future.

David Nash, SEL instructor, and pianist will use SEL piano in future music appreciation classes. Nash has a master's degree in piano interpretation from Mercer University and a piano education from Georgia State University.

Senior citizens provide four sessions a year on subjects such as living history, art, music, theology, literature, current events, economics and more. An unlimited number of classes can be taken for an enrollment fee. Registration for the fall season is underway at

Pianos for Peace is using technology to improve artistic engagement through its festival application, which will allow people throughout the Atlanta metro to explore, view and play all painted pianos. Malek Jandali, the founder, composer, and pianist of Pinkos of Peace, strives to unite and empower communities through philanthropy and music. More information can be found at