Sid Haig, horror actor and cult figure dies at 80


Mr. Haig was an actor with roles in more than 70 films, including the murderous prankster Captain Spaulding in "House of 1000 Dead Bodies" by Rob Zombie.

Hollywood actor Sid Haig, who played the villain and, above all, a mental clown named Captain Spalding for more than 50 years, died on Saturday. He was 80 years old.

His wife, Susan L. Oberg on Monday announced his death on the actor's Instagram account, writing: "He was loved by his family, his friends, and his fans. It surprised all of us." No other details were given.

Mr. Haig, who lives in Los Angeles, played supporting roles in more than 350 television shows and 70 films, most notably "Jackie Brown" and the James Bond thriller "Diamonds Are Forever". He became a cult figure among horror fans, who delighted in his interpretation of the killer clown who terrorized people in Rob Zombie's 2003 film "House of 1000 Corpses". He then played the role of Captain Spalding in two other directorial films.

Rob Zombie, a musician-filmmaker, wrote on his Instagram account on Monday of Mr. Haig's death, "Harrier for Captain Spalding. But not forgotten." Fans also expressed their pain on Twitter. Haig received several awards for his performance in horror films, and in August, he was awarded the Vincent Price Award for excellence in the horror genre.

She wrote on Instagram at the time, "I had the best night of my career."

Mr. Haig was a very large man with a long and lean body above his fellow artists. Sydney Eddie Mossman was born on July 14, 1939, in Fresno, California, according to their official website. His parents were Armenian, and his father was an electrician. She took dance classes in high school and performed. And he loved music. According to the website in 1958, he played drums in the song "Full House" of T-Birds.

Shortly thereafter, he enrolled in community theater with a theater at the Pasadena Playhouse, which trained actors such as Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman. In his first roles in film and television, Mr. Haig played mostly thugs and thugs. In 1968 classic "Spider Baby", he played the role of a brother who keeps a cat; He was with Pam Grier in the 1974 Blaxplittance film "Fox Brown" and in 1971 played a small role in "Diamonds Are Forever".

The filmmakers were happy with their characters. Quentin Tarantino chose Mr. Haig in the 1997 film "Jackie Brown", a tribute to the actress as "Fox Brown" (Mrs. Greer also starred in "Jackie Brown").

But it was like Captain Spaulding, who appears in the mentally famous "House of 1000 Corpses", that Mr. Haig became a cult figure among horror fans. Mr. Haig said in an interview with in 2015: “When I first read the screenplay, I knew that I had the ability to do something. I did not know that it would be accepted as it was. But he knew there was something on his side.

In "House of 1000 Corps", Captain Spalding directed the Museum of Monsters and Demons, located in a ruins service station on a barren section of Texas. There, the Joker shoots a man after attacking him. Haig reprized the role after two years in "The Devil's Rejects". He also starred in several other horror films directed by Rob Zombie, including the new 2007 version of "Halloween".

He returned as "The Devils Rejects" from "3 in the Hell", the sequel to "Hell in the Hell". "It was great," Haig said in his interview with about working with Rob Zombie. "I was really relaxed. I'll tell you what I was looking for and then I'll leave you alone and let you do your job. What most directors should do."

Cassandra Peterson, better known as her stage name Elvira, said she met Mr. Haig at Rob Zombie's 2002 wedding. But it was on the road at horror fan conventions that they struck up a friendship. "She played this terrifying character in Rob's films, and it surprised fans when she was sweet and took time with them," he said. "It can't be a great star. But in our world, he was an icon."

In fact, Mr. Haig was a fan favorite. He made regular appearances at festivals, signing autographs or as Captain Spelling, who became an identifiable villain among the general public. In June, he attended the Mad Monster Party in Phoenix, where he signed autographs for fans. Earlier that month he was in Las Vegas for the days of the Dead Horror Conference.

Fans often disguise themselves as Captain Spalding at conventions or pay homage to his famous appearance. He said on Instagram in February: "The level of commitment to keep my cup on my skin makes me speechless."