Summary of 'American Horror Story: 1984': Full season premiere of Camp Horror and Slashing Nostalgia


SPOILER ALERT: This recap article contains details about the American Horror Story: 1984 season premiere episode. American Horror Story: Nothing, at least faithful to the tropes of the 1984 title era. From its vibrant synthetic music to Late Gates physical fashion and slasher movie clich├ęs, the AHS84 follows the death train right into the Reagan era.

This incarnation of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology begins with the flashbacks of the 1970s when we see the creepy slaughterhouse of a summer camp filled with teenagers, three of whom are just lying in bed with people in movies. For the voice of the walker, beholding the ears of all his victims, a gruesome description that would later appear in the plot.

Jump to 1984 (and, at least as far as the first episode is concerned, there are no Orwellian cross-references here) and a Los Angeles aerobics class full of pastel leggings, shorts, and feathered hair, which Moving beautifully. , Xavier Paimilton (Cody Fern) with headwear. Her class includes friends Montana (Billy Lourd), the kind of well-to-do girl usually marked by an early exit from the dreaded 80s convention, and Ray (Deron Horton), who is black, many. times. Will also expect a faster game from him. Good times girl too.

The city's innocent new girl Chet (Gus Kenworthy) is also an Olympic contender (drug test) and Brooke (Emma Roberts).

When Javier suggests that everyone take the job of a camp counselor at the newly opened Camp Redwood, everyone except Brooke thinks it's a good idea: LA recently serial killer (real-life) Richard Ramirez, whom Also called Knight Stalker, he is terrified. The same night as Brooke's initial reluctance grows, Ramirez arrives at her new apartment, steals her jewelry and tries to kill her (by placing a neatly placed pan kibosh on her head).

Then, the five friends headed to the camp with a past, but they won't arrive until they receive a creepy "return" warning from a more timid service station attendant and, ignoring their advice, proceed. Continue to hike, be bitten by a bus A hippie pedestrian who uses his secret warning before exiting.

After arriving at camp, the children must arrive the next day, with counselor nurse Rita (Angelica Ross) and athletic director (and 'staging sport' porn) Trevor (Matthew Morrison), with most comedians tonight. In reference to his character's dazzling achievements, such as being briefly seen at the opening of Three's company and being cut from the Jane Fonda exercise video as his biggest and oscillating feature caught the star's attention. Was).

Then Margaret is the owner of Camp (Leslie Grossman), a long-time slaughter survivor who recognizes Jesus for her existence (and will not let any of the sexually deranged and chemically enthusiastic counselors forget her).

For now, the slasher tropes of the 80s are fast and bloody coming. There is an escape at the local asylum (which will be Mr. Jingles), the suddenly wounded and soon-to-be-man hangs on the hook like a piece of meat, Mr. Jingles terrorizes Sweet Brook, as does the Night Stalker (Zeda Villa ) Does.

Two murderers answering public telephones are not enough to stop Brooke from wandering out in the middle of the night, a meaningless decision that made classic slasher films absurd.

And the pleasant absurdity more or less describes this first chapter of AHS84, an episode that perfectly establishes the gender conventions of the 80s, even if it does no more than imitate them. The twist, turn and craze that Murphy kept for his unhappy campers was not very clear tonight, but it is the beginning of summer. Who knows what horrors can happen before Labor Day?

AHS: In 1984, the air is breathed at 10 am on Wednesday. On FX.