The Chiefs owns the second quarter


The Kansas City Chiefs defeated their opponents by a margin of 57-6 in the second quarter of this year.

"I don't think we're only trying to score in the second quarter," wide receiver DeMarcus Robinson said. “We just try to go out and play a play every time called a drama. I think this is the "fate of the second quarter".

The majors have scored 56% of their total points in the second quarter, and Robinson was a big part of that barrage in Kansas City in a 33–28 win against the Baltimore Ravens.

In the mock action game, Robinson ran a corner route against former Chiefs cornerback Brandon Carr, with 7:58 left in the first half and barely pulling a one-handed 18-yard score to give the Chiefs a 14-6 advantage.

"To go with both hands was a little out of my reach," Robinson said. "It was something natural. I didn't really think about it at the time. I was playing football and it got stuck in my hands."

The fourth-year catcher, who is the nephew of former Chicago Bears wide receiver Marcus Robinson, entered 2019 with four career scores, but he already has three this season.

This is definitely reinforcing its value. His four-year contract and after the 2019 season ended at $ 2.9 million made him a free agent.

Since the Chiefs may not be able to re-sign Robinson, especially since the expansion is a priority to reach $ 40 million per year with Patrick Mahomes, which is why they remodel their group of receivers Wants to.

The rogue, who signed a four-year $ 5 million contract with Hedman, also made a specific play during the second quarter, with the Chiefs beating the Rens 23–0.

Running on a go route from the slot with 3:12 remaining in the second quarter, he defeated the entire defense for an 83-yard touchdown reception for the Mahomes.

"Once the ball went into his hands," Mahomes said, "it's like the effect of the song where it's about to end." "

This was not the only spectacular game of Hardman's room. As Tyrik Hill was moving to the left behind the Mahomes, he made a move but then pulled it and ran to the right from 14 yards to welcome the first.

His unusual drop kick reception sealed his win, with Justin Tucker remaining 2:01 into the game.

"Whatever it was in the end," head coach Andy Reid said, "he got it."

Along with Hardman and Robinson, runner LeSean McCoy represented the second touchdown in the second quarter.

But, of course, Mahomes is most responsible for the success of the majors in the second quarter and the entire season.

In 13 games of his 20 career, Mahomes threw for over 300 yards to set a new NFL record for quarterbacks in the Super Bowl era.

In his three matches this year, he has thrown more than 370 aerial yards, at least three touchdowns, and zero interceptions.

He completed 27 of 27 passes for 374 yards and three touchdowns including two touchdowns in the second quarter.

"Pat had another wonderful day," defensive end Frank Clarke said, "and we're playing a great football team right now."

Especially in the second quarter.