The Cleveland Browns found another way to disappoint fans: reaction to the game


Promotion does not turn into a win

Tennessee Titans linebacker Cameron Wake enters the first half to sack Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Cleveland, Ohio - There were reasonable reasons for Brown fans to get excited about this season. There are still reasons to think that they will be good. This list has talent.

So Sunday's 43–13 loss to the Tennessee Titans was particularly troubling. Has this device been destroyed? At this time, all signs point towards each other. Nevertheless, the loss of 30 points on Sunday was a surprising slap for reality.

It was a brief performance for a team with such high expectations when entering the season. He did not seem close to getting ready to play. The fans are not happy. Why shouldn't they get angry?

An unfortunate start for Freddy's kitchen

Finger-pointing should begin with the first-year head coach. Freddy Kitchens' team was an undisciplined disaster. Eighteen penalties for 182 yards, including the expulsion of several individual dishonest and aggressive behaviorists, Greg Robinson, who decided to kick Katie Vaccaro from the Titans on the side of his head.

It seems that quarterback Baker Mayfield and his receivers do not have their time adjusted. There were stray routes and pitches during the game, and a frustrated Mayfield began to force things late. He threw three interceptions including a pick-six.

And one area that was worrying before the season started ... the offensive line ... did little to alleviate those concerns. Mayfield was fired five times and was under constant pressure.

Perhaps there is some value in solving some pre-season problems? Pay attention to that, Coach.

Terry Pluto, a loss-making aircraft dealer, wonders which team he worked with during training camp:

I don't want to hear anything about the officers. I don't want to know how the main players will be on the field with few or even zero snapshots, even if the team is ready. I don't want to hear any excuse. I hope it was a very difficult game for the Browns. ... but it was a complete collapse.

Ok mark it a little
There are many reasons to accumulate after this first game… we are part of our shovel. But this is the first game. This is one thing we agree on within the kitchen: it is not the end of the world. And he confessed to the poor performance.

"I didn't expect that. It's not how we practice. It's not how we prepare. I didn't do a very good job of making sure it had penalties. It's a coach's fault. My mistake. , Player. 'Fault. There is some crime for everyone. "
And Doug Lesmeridge of Clevelpiece also believes it is a mistake to dismiss this team as "the same old Browns" after Sunday's defeat. But he is not releasing them easily:

Brown has played indiscipline in the past, but I think it was an attempt to compensate for the lack of talent. They were desperate. These browns have enough talent. He practiced indiscipline from a place of over-confidence. ... Kitchen, in his first game as head coach, you need to do it yourself. He was a team that was not ready. There is one thing that when you are bad you lose. There is a real talent in this team. Which could mean that it was worse?

The talk of an excited president may disturb the barkers
Whether it is your fault or not, all the pre-determined conversations about Brown are providing a lot of bulletin board material for his opponents. Before Sunday's game, Nate Burleson of "NFL Today" on CBS picked Brown to go to the Super Bowl.

Dan Lee of Clevelpiece reported that not all pregame conversations affected Titans tight end, Delaney Walker. He saw former Vikings coach Dennis Green with his assessment:

"They like to pick the team that they believe will be Super Bowl champions because they have boys on that team who I think can change an entire organization, only two or three boys, but hey, it works. I like it. Excited. " You just have to go there and play football, do you know what I mean? They were what we thought if you crowned them, they should put it there, they have yet to play football and we play better football. "
The exaggeration around the team can be a factor. But this does not fully explain the poor performance.

A prime time redemption opportunity
Brown learns to cope with better expectations. Proximity week they play in primetime on "Monday Night Football" at the New York Jets. A win in New Jersey would quickly change the narrative. Dan Lee of Clevelpiece says Sunday's loss may be necessary for Brown:

Head coach Freddie Kitchen has talked a lot about adverse situations, and now he gets something immediately. The Browns will hit a national stage next week against the Jets and they certainly cannot repeat the game.
By the way, since the Brons are 1–19–1 at the inauguration of the season, the NFL somehow happens in the first week. In Cleveland, there be a fire?