The Redskin's biggest moments of the season opening against the Eagles were 32-27


After jumping for an early advantage, the Washington Redskins were largely shut out in the second half of their season against the Philadelphia Eagles and eventually lost 32-27. These are the defining moments of Washington's defeat in Philadelphia.

Des Jackson lit up the Redskins for two long touchdowns: The team picked him up after spending the last five seasons in Washington and Tampa Bay, the Eagles wide receiver took eight catches for 154 yards and waved his weapons in the final zone. Jackson's 51-yard second leg was twice placed on the board for Philadelphia after Washington's surprisingly 17-0 lead. His 53 yards of touchdown in the third quarter gave the Eagles a perpetual advantage.
The eagles roll the dice four times. After receiving the kick-off of the second half, Philadelphia led 12-play, fourth to 75-yard touchdowns and its own 34-yard line that pushed the Redskins to six. The Eagles scored four goals in their second half and controlled the ball for more than 21 minutes after stopping.
Eternal Vernon Davis corner one man: On the first drive of the game, the 35-year-old Redskins tight end caught a pass on the floor, breaking a possible fixture with Ronald Darby and the line side. He then sent a number of small Eagles defenders into the final zone for a touchdown of 48 yards that took Washington into his possession in the early 2004 season.
Terry McLaurin introduced himself to the NFL: a rogue Redskins wide receiver, a third-round pick from Ohio State, a 69-yard touchdown catch on a pass initiated by Case Keenum in the second Queen to hit Washington's 17th. Caught from 0 lead. McLaurin took three catches for 104 yards in halftime and finished the game with five catches for 125 yards.
Jonathan Allen left the game with a knee injury: The third-year professional, who finished second on the team with eight catches last season, suffered a left knee injury at the end of the first quarter and did not return. Washington captured only one in the game and could not stop the Eagles in the second half. Then, Redskins coach J. Gruden said Allen has a sprain in his knee and today is one day.
Game update
fourth quarter

The Redskins scored a long touchdown: Case Keenum found Trey Quinn for a four-yard touchdown with six seconds remaining. (Eagles 32, Redskins 27, 0:06 fourth quarter)

Philadelphia kills the clock: The Redskins have three clearances in their first three second-half possessions. The Eagles have now scored in their first four. The 10-point local favorite took a 12-point lead on Jake Elliott's 22-yard field goal with 3:10 remaining. The 18-play scoring series, which saw Carson Wentz pass for more than 300 yards and the Eagles converted four third chances, saw about nine minutes. (Eagles 32, Redskins 20, 3:10 fourth quarter)

The Eagles led to Alshon Jeffrey's brief touchdown: Philadelphia beat Washington 6 for 197 yards in the third quarter and opened with Alshon Jeffrey's two-yard touchdown in the final quarter. The second touchdown of the open receiver game, which occurs on a pass thrown behind the scrimmage line, led to a nine-play, 71-yard game against the Redskins defense, which seems to be Gess after a dominant start. Darren Sproles made his way into the final zone to give the Eagles a double-digit advantage in the next two-point conversion. (Eagles 29, Redskins 20, 14:55 fourth quarter)

third quarter

Disen Jackson defeated the Redskins again: the Eagles offensive start, after a slow start. Of course, it helps when Carson Wentz can throw the ball down the field and drive Des Jackson under it, as the fast wide receiver has already done twice. Jackson's 53-yard touchdown capture gave him six catches for 126 yards in the game. He also gave the Eagles their first advantage of the afternoon. (Eagles 21, Redskins 20, 5:07 third quarter)

Redskins go three and out: As they have taken a 17–0 lead, the Redskins have gone three and three in their four possessions. While the Case Keenum and Air games have prospered, Darius Guys have not found much room in his first game. Washington has nine carries for 16 yards, followed by Fletcher Cox for a loss of five in the first campaign of Washington's second half. (Redskins 20, Eagles 14, 5:22 3rd quarter)

The Eagles opened the second half with a touchdown: Philadelphia looked ready to go to three in their first possession of the second half, but Eagles coach Doug Pederson, who was never a conservative, kept his offense in the fourth and short zone. The 34-yard line at Philadelphia. Carson Wentz finished first in the quarterback pass and, after eight plays, hurried before finding Alshon Jeffery behind the final zone for a five-zone touchdown pass. Runners Darren Sproles and Miley San took advantage of Jeffrey's favorable performance from 51 yards with Darius and Wentz taking Philadelphia to six points with linebacker Jon Blenstick. Defensive lineman Jonathan Allen has not yet returned to the game for Washington. (Redskins 20, Eagles 14, third quarter)

Redskins earned points before halftime: Washington finished with 13 in the first half after Dustin Hopkins' 8-week field goal points scored. Hopkins' second field goal ended the nine-play drive in the final two minutes after the Redkins defense tripled and struck out. The big play on the road was done from Terry McLaurin's 22 yards to the Eagles cornerback, Ronald Darby, on the right flank. With three catches for 104 yards and a touchdown, the rookie wide receiver appeared impressive. (Redskins 20, Eagles 7, part-time)

DeSean Jackson puts the Eagles on board: The Redskins won't win their first bleach since September 30, 1991, when they bleached the Eagles at home, not for DeSean Jackson's 51st touchdown in the third day after Carson Gantz. And -10 late in the second quarter. Jackson, who usually lit the Redskin for big plays during his first period with Philadelphia, managed to get Josh Norman back into the play. (Redskins 17, Eagles 7, 4:27 2 trimmer)

Washington kicks first: The Redskins and their offensive giant eventually stall in their fourth drive, resulting in their first takedown of the Trace Way season. The result was a 57-yard boot returned by Darren Sproles from 12 yards. Washington's defense has no possession so far, but Greg Manusky's unit has limited the Eagles to 67 total yards. (Redskins 17, Eagles 0, 5:47)

The Redskins extend an edge in Terry McLaurin's touchdown capture: Boe Birds was in Philadelphia, just five minutes from the second quarter, Case Keenum found rogue wide receiver Terry McLaurin for a 70-yard touchdown. McLorin, who scored 11 touchdowns in just 35 catches in his final year at Ohio State, burned Eagles cornerback Rasool Douglas to the play. Keenum now has 10 of 12 for 202 yards and a pair of touchdowns. (Redskins 17, Aguilas 0, 9:57 second quarter)

The fourth stop keeps Philadelphia goalless: the Eagles moved the ball in their second campaign but Daren Payne dropped the scrambled line from twenty-four from Carson Wentz and two from the Washington Yard Line. Wentz is 7 for 10 but is thrown for only 36 yards. (Redskins 10, Aguilas 0, 10:49 2 trimester)

Jonathan Allen is doubtful for a comeback: The Redskins dominated the first quarter, beating the Eagles 147-28 and controlling the ball for 10 minutes, but the coach saw defensive lineman Jonathan Allen on the bench at the end of the quarter and it Suspected withdrawal left knee injury. (Redskins 10, Eagles 0, early second quarter)

1st quarter

Redskins Dustin Hopkins combines his advantage with a field goal: Case Keenum is on fire to start the 2019 season. The veteran quarterback completed his first six passes and is 9 for 11 for 132 yards and completions for seven different receivers in the first quarter. Washington's second-run, 11-play, 57-yard march with Calvin Harmon (21 yards) and Toss McLaurin (13 yards) in Washington's 3 catches ended in a 41-yard field goal by Dustin Hopkins. Were. Defeat 4, all in a third chance to start the game after going 9 of 42 in their last four matches against Philadelphia. (Redskins 10, Eagles 0, 2:48 1st quarter)

Washington's defense stop: The Eagles made their first attempt in 11 yards of catch by Dacian Jackson. The former Redskins wide receiver, along with the team that selected him after an off shin exchange with Tampa Bay, condemned Philadelphia to play after two plays when he should have a split with Redskan cornerback Quinton Dunbar after the whistle. Carson Wentz threw a lot in the third and long for Nelson Aghor and the Eagles were forced to clean up. (Redskins 7, Eagles 0, 8:59 first quarter)

The Redskins take an early lead in Vernon Davis' long touchdown capture: The Eagles won the draw and picked up the defense, getting the ball to the Redskins first. The inaugural campaign in Washington could not have been much better for visitors. Darius Gais led three times for nine yards and caught eight yards in the middle. On third-and-two from the Eagles' 48-yard line, Case Keenum found tight end Vernon Davis on the floor. Davis, 35, replaced Ronald Derby in place of injured Jordan Reid and entered for Andrew Sendejo to go into the end zone. Keenum picked up 71 yards in six-play touchdowns and 4 for 80 yards from Washington. (Redskins 7, Eagles 0, 10:54 1st quarter)