Vikings in Packers score, conclusion: Green Bay nearly ruined a 21–0 lead, but survived with a win


Despite an early 21–0 lead, the Packers suffered a home loss to the Vikings in Week 2, 21–16.

Why did the Packers win?

Three Green Bay touchdowns in his first three possessions gave the Packers a fugitive advantage.

After scoring only 10 points against the Bears in Week 1, the Green Bay offense scored on its first three possessions. Aaron Rodgers caught fire, completing nine of the initial 10 attempts, including touchdown passes to Jamal Williams and Jeronimo Ellison.

Green Bay won despite their offensive failing to score with 11 points. Rodgers finished the game with 209 yards in 22 of 34 passes. Aaron Jones went for 116 yards on 23 carries, while Davante Adams, a 39-yard pass catcher in the first game of the game, caught seven of nine goals for 106 yards.

The Packers did not win, were it not for runner Aaron Jones, who won 116 yards and a score on 23 carries.

Why did the Vikings lose?

Kirk Cousin's abusive game proved too much to defeat Minnesota. After a slow start that included a haul that included one of Green Bay's first scores, Cousins, who completed only 14 of his 32 attempts for 230 yards with a score and two selections, 61 yards. The Vikings' final drive of the first half started with Chad Beebe. However, Green Bay's defense was able to stay in the red zone, and Minnesota settled for a 31-yard field goal that reduced its deficit to 11 points.

Minnesota continued its comeback in the third quarter. Following Rodgers' loose ball, the Cousins ​​threw a perfectly thrown pass, which Stephen Diggs scored 45-yards, with just nine minutes left in the quarter.

Return point

With just five minutes remaining inside the Green Bay 10-yard line, Cousins ​​was eliminated by sophomore cornerback Kevin King, which gave Minnesota the best chance to take the lead. The Vikings had three and were left in the next possession.

Play game

While it was a losing effort, Dalvin Cook's 75-yard hustle through the teeth of the Packers defense gave the Vikings the score they desperately needed after falling behind 21–0. Cook finished with 154 yards on 20 carries.


"We've faced them in some tough times during the last two weeks. While we've been the best all year in defense, we're a very opportunistic type of rotation machine defense, and it's giving that form to them. "- Aaron Rodgers in defense of Green Bay via the team's official website.

Defensive MVP

Outstanding defenders of the game included Green Bay linebacker Blake Martinez and Minnesota defensive end Daniel Hunter. Martinez led both teams with 13 tackles, while Hunter led the Vikings with nine tackles while Rodgers recorded one of the two-sided Vikings.

Notable moments

The Packers celebrated famed quarterback Bart Starr at halftime. The Star of Fame, the quarterback of fame, who led Green Bay to five world titles during the 1960s, including victories in Super Bowls I and II, died in May at the age of 85. Brett Favre, a former quarterback at Pact Hall. The fame was with Starr's widow Cherry, a part-time tribute to Starr while paying tribute to Green Bay, who also served as the Packers' head coach for the 1975–83 season.

Until next time

The Vikings will go home to face the Raiders in Week 3. The Packers also have a home game with the Broncos.