While offering predictions for the saints future, Drew Breeds gets a hand injury when thrown against Rama


The New Orleans Saints took revenge when they went to Los Angeles for a rematch against the Rams, but now they may think that Teddy Bridgwater will be needed after a hand injury at a quarterback without Drew Breeze in the future. Under center

Trees returned in the first quarter and Ramous ran into defensive Aaron Donald.

Shortly thereafter, Trice left the game and Bridgewater took over. This is an obvious concern for short-lived saints as it is a major battle for supremacy in the NFC.

However, this can be a major long-term concern. The bench was seen on the bench with a baseball cap above his head and wrapped in his thumb/hand. He did not seem excited about the situation, understandably. The trees were also not holding a soccer ball nor throwing to warm up.

You can see that the coaches were working in the area between the thumb and the index of trees. There may be a test to see if there was a rupture of the UCL of the thumb. If trees destroyed it, it would be a major problem in the long term.

The saints did not immediately leave the trees because it only appeared suspicious. We also saw something similar with Ben Roethlisberger, where the Steelers kept the quarterback on the bench throughout the game and left him as a suspect on the list, although he clearly could not return to the game.

After the game, trees were observed with a split/clamp in their hand, increasing the possibility that some types of ligament damage may occur.

A big red flag? The fact is that the trees go to Los Angeles to see a specialist on hand. He talks about his level of concern that he would rather meet a doctor than stay in Los Angeles and visit him directly in Seattle, where the team stays during the week before playing against the Seahawks.

According to Omar Ruiz of NFL Media, Trees said: "We Will See" when he discussed the arm and said he was quite concerned about the situation, adding that it was the "hardest moment" in which he played the soccer ball. Had played Played during his career.

With an injury to his throwing hand and near the exact point where he would try to catch and hold the ball, it could be more than control here. If the trees do not physically hold the ball correctly, the Saints cannot throw it in a week. This can certainly continue.